The Funeral

(First let me just say that I think there is something wrong to have two blog entries called “The Funeral” in less than 6 months and both referencing someone being taken away in prime of their life.  Lets hope this does it for a while.)

It was a good day and a sad day.  The Funeral was wonderful and standing room only.  Alison (Bear’s sister) wrote a eulogy read by another family member and my brother Rob read something that he wrote.  I have posted it below in the previous blog entry.   He did a great job and made everyone cry.  I have to confess today has been really hard on Rob, who lost not just a cousin, but one of his best friends.  It also happens to be his Birthday.

Before you get the read the eulogy I just wanted to leave you with a few pictures. We did in fact celebrate Bears life today with a big party. There were about 200 people at the funeral and many came for the after party.  We had two tents with air conditioning (it was a 92 degree hot humid lovely Texas day) a DJ, catered food and an open bar.  It was nice to listen to songs Bear loved and to listen to stories about him with friends and family.


Something I love about a Funeral in a small Texas town is that people actually pull over on the opposite side of the the road.  They just sit there as a sign of respect.  We had a huge procession of cars, and these people just sat there.  (My family is actually from a small city on the water between Houston and Galveston. So although much of it is really a big city, you still have a lot of small town attributes.)




Some of Bears friends put up this cross and flowers at the accident site. There is also a blanket there with some motorcycle parts.


Greg Bess, James “Bear” Sparks, Allison Sparks Bess

3 cousins and a friend

My brother Rob, his best friend Matt, Bear, Greg…just a typical weekend afternoon, all of us having a cook out.

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2 Responses to The Funeral

  1. angie says:

    Rob did an awesome job. In fact. I want to hire him to speak at my funeral one day. Just as his friend I was super proud of him; I can’t imagine how you feel as his sister!

    Nice Service. It is evident that Bear will be greatly missed.

  2. kathy lyons says:

    Jen, you have had a lot to go through this year. Somehow you manage to keep upbeat and always thinking of others and I marvel at that—

    I keep thinking of his son, but I know that he will have the best care , love and support from family and friends like Hallie, Jack and Kendall .

    I’m sorry we weren’t present last Sat. Thanks so much for sharing Rob’s ulogy.

    Love you

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