General Ramblings

I am slowly coming to the realization that Bear is gone. I am looking forward to 6 months from now when the organ donor recipients are able to contact us.  I will be nice to hear from someone about the life that Bear gave them.  He was just to amazing not to live on in others.

I am also so ready to get home.  I have been on the road for nearly a week.  I have been in California for the past 3 days.  I was speaking at a Conference. It has been an exhausting 7–8 days and I am ready to gget home and curl up with the Carsonator. 

I have guests in town starting on Friday and I will give the Kerber Hurt-Like-Hell Two Day Tour of D.C.  It really is a wonderful tour but it is exhausting to try and get all the sightseeing done in such a short period of time.

I had the good fortune to have dinner with an old high school/Intermediate school friend tonight in San Diego.  It was fantastic. I had not seen her in 3 years.  The best part about it was that we could just pick up and chit chat like it was yesterday when we last saw each other.  These are the friendships I treasure…they are so easy and we can laugh about our crazy childhood ways. 

Thanks Melissa!  I had a wonderful time.

P.S.  Clinton’s big win in West Virginia is not a surprise, nor do I think it changes anything.  Obama has taken the lead in Super delegates.  She can’t win.   The real clue will be does the West Virginia win result in any increase in campaign donations.  I am going to say NO, but I have been wrong before.  Without campaign donations, she has no chance.  She is on life support and the plug has been pulled.  It is time to go peacefully and figure out how to unite your party.



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3 Responses to General Ramblings

  1. Charlotte says:

    I came across your blog from Julie’s (which I came by very randomly). I have truly been in awe of how much my life has been touched by Julie (someone I’ve never met) and her battle with cancer. Anyway, I’ve never commented before, but just wanted to say that I am so sorry for the loss of your best friend in cousin in such a short time. I did want to say that my dad just celebrated the 2 year anniversary of his liver transplant this month. Unfortunately, a 30 year old girl had to die in a car accident, but I am FOREVER grateful to that girl and her family for giving my dad another chance at life… he was truly on his death bed and now is doing tremendously well! I was an advocate for organ donation before my dad got sick, but now I know first hand just what a gift it is! So on behalf of my dad and all the other organ donation recipients out there, I am so thankful to Bear and your family for this selfless act of love in a horribly tragic situation! You and your family will remain in my prayers as you grieve and know that 6 families are saying a special prayer of thanksgiving for Bear right now!

  2. JFlo says:

    Just checking in on you and wanted to say “hello” and that you are in my thoughts and prayers.
    Stay safe in your travels and you will need to blog the Kerber Hurt Like Hell 2 Day Tour….
    Sounds like fun!!! lol

  3. vlowe says:

    A website has been created for James.
    Please add your photos to share with family and friends.
    user name: James_Sparks
    pswrd: bearbear

    In my thoughts and prayers –

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