Relay for Life & The Weekend

Thank you all for donating to our Relay for Life team.  I was the second largest fundraiser with a total just over $2,000.  Our team goal was $8500 ($500 more than last year), however we raised $11,510!  Thank you all for your generosity. 


The event was a great success, although I was very sorry to of had to miss it.  I had family in town and had just finished a ton of traveling (Houston – San Diego – DC..and had just returned late Wednesday night).  So, the thought of turning around and flying to Houston for an all-nighter just wasn’t going to be possible.  I was terribly sad to miss it, but I know Julie understood.  


To get a re-cap of the event (and one that made me cry) please visit Brendan’s blog.


This weekend I went to the newly opened Newseum, the museum of news.  It was AWESOME!  I highly recommend it (or perhaps it is just for news junkies like me.)


P.S.  Rob’s Blog is back up and running, so check it out.  Its a long story but his old address got hijacked by website pirates when he tried to make a service switch.  Now he has to go with .org.

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4 Responses to Relay for Life & The Weekend

  1. JFLO says:

    I was wondering how the Hurt-Like-Hell Kerber Tour went….especially after all the travel.

    Congrats on your fundraising efforts
    I will have to look up more on this Newseum. Why do I hear Homer Simpson in the background saying “BOOORING!!!” lol

    Rob and Web Pirates sounds like a movie in the making. lol
    Thanks for putting me on the BlogRoll…..NOW I have some pressure…


  2. Aunt Debbie says:

    Congratulations on your fund raising.

  3. Audrey (Hanak) Furby says:

    Hi Jen,
    I thought about you while at Relay for Life (you were there in spirit)…
    On another note, I hope your family enjoyed your tour of the area..and I know you did of the newseum. 🙂 Audrey

  4. Amy says:

    Jen, I TOTALLY want to visit the Newseum. If I ever make it to DC, I’m counting on you for the tour!

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