This is going to be funny someday…but…is this your dog?

I went to my friends Beach House this holiday weekend.  As part of the arrangement, I was going to pick up their dog, Deuce, at the Doggie Day Care place and bring him to the beach when I came up on Saturday (They had to go to New York for a graduation celebration and rather then come back to DC, I would just bring the dog and meet them in Maryland at the beach.)   So, I pick up Deuce and as I am walking to my car, I start to think, hmmm, Deuce looks a little different.   I knew there was something wrong when I opened the back of the SUV and this dog did not just leap up in the back.  You see Deuce is a 3 year old Chocolate lab…he does a lot of leaping and doesn’t need any help getting in the back of an SUV.   So, I went back into the Daycare and said, “Are you sure this is Deuce.”  (Although I know Deuce well, he isn’t my dog so I wasn’t 100% sure that this dog was or was not Deuce).


That was when they came clean.  You see, they had 5-6 Chocolate labs this holiday weekend, and they were not sure who was who!  (They remove all dogs collar and place these special collars on each of the dogs so they don’t get hurt while playing.  However, these new collar don’t have the dogs names on them or any other identifying marks.)  They were not expecting a non-owner to come pick up the dog.  So, they went back into the big dog playroom and just stared calling Deuce.  (That was how I got the first dog, he had been the first once to answer to the name Deuce.)  They brought me a short pudgy older chocolate lab who answered to the name Deuce.  I rejected Lab #2 merely on physique.  They brought out a third one which looked more like an active 3 year old chocolate lab.  He jumped up on me and was very hyper so I said, “I think this is him.”   


I tried several times to get in touch with Deuces parents to see if he had any identifying marks, but the phone didn’t work at the Beach.  So, I loaded this dog up in the car and drove the two hours to the beach.  Periodically on the car ride I would turn the radio down and say, “Deuce?” just to see if he would perk his head up and answer to his name. Sometimes he did, sometimes he didn’t.


When I arrived at the beach I said, “This is going to be funny some day….but is this your dog?”   



FYI – It was the right dog.  Deuce bound down the beach, swam in the water, and played with his pint sized owners (the kids).  We had a good laugh that night about what we would have done if it wasn’t Deuce.

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8 Responses to This is going to be funny someday…but…is this your dog?

  1. Marianne says:

    **LOL** This is just too funny – thanks for the laugh 🙂

  2. Irma says:

    This is an entire Seinfeld Episode!!

  3. Heather says:

    That is hilarious!

  4. Rejected dog #2 says:

    I don’t appreciate the remarks about being pudgy…we can’t all be a 10 you know.

  5. Carrie says:

    That is too funny, Jen!

    Any thoughts on the new McClellan book?

  6. Christie says:

    That was the best … thanks …. J and I are still laughing!!

  7. Nancy says:

    Too Funny! I’m glad you noticed the wrong dog in the first place! Perhaps the doggie day care will look into some new temporary collars – with identifying info for goodness sake!

    Glad you had a nice time at the beach.

  8. Theresa in KY says:

    That is a very funny story!! Good thing you didn’t take their word on dog #1!

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