Let the Politics Begin

Obama quits his church.

Now…NOW..he has decided that there might be something wrong with Rev. Wright’s fiery sermons. 

Months ago he started to distance himself from the Church due to Rev Wright’s incendiary remarks, but this was the preacher who married him and baptized his kids.  So why now…why resign from your church now? 

I suspect Hillary will end her campaign sometime soon (I can’t predict when she will end it…frankly, at this point I think it is awkward).  However she is giving it a good run here at the end.  She is trying to get the popular vote, so it will be harder for the party to pick Obama.

So the race begins…Ladies & Gentleman, Start Your Engines…



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2 Responses to Let the Politics Begin

  1. Theresa in KY says:

    I thought the reason he gave for quitting the church was to protect the church. He said that reporters were hounding the shut-ins and elderly members and his association with the church was hurting them–not because he had issues with statements made by the Pastor or former Pastor. Did something happen recently that was more explosive than what’s already been said?

    At any rate, it’s a little late in the ball game for his disassociation to mean anything.

  2. Tracy says:

    I will cut him some slack because I think a 20+ year commitment to any relationship (be it a church or another person) makes it very difficult to walk away. I assume it was not an easy decision…although I couldn’t help but think “interesting timing” as the announcement was made on the day of the delegate debates 🙂

    So…any thoughts on the MI/FL delegate decisions?

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