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Decision Time

Job well done Supreme Court. In a 5–4 ruling they overturned the D.C. ban on gun ownership.  I just believe that each citizen has the right to make that choice for themselves. Now, I wonder if that means DC will … Continue reading

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Supreme Court Watch

Today is the Day!  It is the last day of the Supreme Court 2008 session and there is one very important decision that has not been released.  For the first time in our history, the Supreme Court is ruling on … Continue reading

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A Guest Post

Dear Grandpa, Thank you so much for the Doggie Treats. I was so excited to find the package on our front door. I have never received a package before.  Those Better Than Ears treats are my favorite and I really … Continue reading

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The Greatest Day of the Year

That is how my friend Nancy always refers to her Birthday…the Greatest Day of the Year…so Nancy, I borrowed my title form you.    Having another birthday is a gift, so today I shall celebrate!  Perhaps some Sushi, maybe some wine, can … Continue reading

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A Rough Day

By the time most of you read this it will be tomorrow (Wednesday, June 25) and it will be my birthday.  There are many things I enjoy about being solidly in my 30’s (by solidly I mean I am closer … Continue reading

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What Are Your Employees Doing This Week?

I wanted to let you know one of the things your employees (Congress) are doing this week.  I think we can all sleep better tonight knowing that they declared June 30th  to be National Corvette Day. But think about it, … Continue reading

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Bloggers Blues…and Inappropriateness in the Nation’s Capital (GASP)

Blogging is hard!  Sometimes I am just less than inspired to blog. I get busy, don’t feel I have anything exciting to report, and I just don’t add anything.  You know its bad when your Mom is emailing to find … Continue reading

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Another CNN Breaking News Alert

So sad.  I have spent every Sunday for the past few years watching Tim Russert on Meet the Press.  He was my favorite political analyst because it was never apparent whether he was a Republican or a Democrat.  He treated everyone … Continue reading

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A Working Dinner – How Rude Can You Get?

I spent this evening at the lovely Bedford Springs Resort.  Very Nice! I had dinner with Governor Tom Ridge (me and 20 others).  It was really great; except, I sat at a table with a complete partisan.  You see the Governor is … Continue reading

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Stop Sign

I love it. Some city workers outside of Sacramento, California misspelled “Stop” when painting it on the street.  How does that happen?

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