The Weekend

Like lots of women this weekend, I went with some friends to see Sex in the City: the Movie.  It was great and lived up to all my expectations.  However, I was very glad I went when I did…we were leaving the moves and the lines were outrageous!



I also got to see Kate’s (almost 5 years old) Ballet Recital.  As you can imagine, it was quite humorous.  I tried to get some illegal video footage of the performance, but it didn’t come out. Can you believe that…no home video cameras.  You have to buy the video from them.  Naturally I ignored them and shot some video footage, as did half the parents in that auditorium.  But, I need a new camera so it didn’t come out that great.  Here are a few pictures and video of Kate.






Flowers?  For Me?


How to Bow


All & All, I would rate the weekend a 9.

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2 Responses to The Weekend

  1. Rob Kerber says:

    Absolutely adorable…..I wish I could have been there to see! Glad you had a good weekend….on another note Kate’s bow somehow seems to mimic my exit from the Bar lastweek!! Haha….joking!! Have a good week!!


  2. Lauren dodson says:

    Omg how was the dance show i heard it was good

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