Power…what power

Late last night I got an automated call from the power company with a computer voice on the other end saying, “Your Power has been restored.”  GREAT!   So, I decided to wake up early, load up all my stuff and the dog, and head home.  (I was staying at my cousins which is 25 min. away in good traffic, but during normal times its 40 minutes and during rush hour it can be over an hour.).  I wanted to head home early so I could avoid the morning rush hour and not have to try and run back out there sometime today during work and get my dog and my stuff.   I have a crazy work day with little pockets for running back and forth.  Additionally, my little cousin (turns 12 on Tuesday) is flying in town (by herself) this afternoon. 

So I get home as the sun is coming up and you guessed it….NO POWER!  They are hoping to restore my power this evening.   I know have to further empty my fridge and freezer.  Did I also mention that water leaked into my basement so I need to throw out my carpet.   I really should not complain.  At least my house is intact and my life will return to normal soon enough. 

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One Response to Power…what power

  1. JFlo says:

    Well if it makes you feel any better, I have power and LOTIONS lol….
    Hope your power comes back on soon.

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