A Working Dinner – How Rude Can You Get?

I spent this evening at the lovely Bedford Springs Resort.  Very Nice! I had dinner with Governor Tom Ridge (me and 20 others).  It was really great; except, I sat at a table with a complete partisan.  You see the Governor is a senior level McCain campaign supporter (and some say potential VP  but I say no way).  So he spoke about his time as the Head of the Office Homeland Security (when it was first created by the President), as well as his work with Senator McCain.  


Well I was sitting with one of my members who is an adamant Obama supporters.  I was appalled how this guy was reacting.  He felt the need to speak very loudly and negatively DURING the Governors speech.  I mean this man is a senior executive of a major company (a company you would recognize) but he felt the need to react negatively all during the dinner keynote.  It was unbelievably rude.  I was utterly uncomfortable and did not know what to do.  He was speaking so loudly, while the Governor was speaking, it was embarrassing.


I am all about partisan politics, but I respect the service of others. I would never treat someone else like that.  You have to respect people who give it all up to go work for their President.  The pay sucks and there is no glory; but it is a form of service to your country and for that I have to give you respect, Republican or Democrat.  So, I was completely taken aback by my table mate.


I can’t wait to upload pictures of this place for you all…it is absolutely beautiful!

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1 Response to A Working Dinner – How Rude Can You Get?

  1. Irma says:

    Speaking of embarassingly rude, next time you’re in town…ask Kevin about his “global warming” debacle at wine club. Your table mate reminds me of one of our wine-ers.

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