What Are Your Employees Doing This Week?

I wanted to let you know one of the things your employees (Congress) are doing this week.  I think we can all sleep better tonight knowing that they declared June 30th  to be National Corvette Day.

But think about it, this National Corvette Day means a lot to someone in Illinois (Representative Shimkus introduced the resolution and he is from Illinois).  It seems kind of odd to introduce that kind of resolution to make your constituents happy when your state is under water.  Perhaps they need the day to recognize all the Corvettes that got washed away with the record floods. 

Job well done guys…Job well done.   

Perhaps I will make this a weekly post…what are you employees doing this week?  But then I will need to start including some of the good stuff they are doing (just to be fair, because they do some good stuff as well as this crap).   The House is attempting to pass a Medicare Improvements Act, several Veteran focused bills and a Stop Child Abuse in Treatment Facilities Act.

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