A Guest Post

Dear Grandpa,

Thank you so much for the Doggie Treats. I was so excited to find the package on our front door. I have never received a package before.  Those Better Than Ears treats are my favorite and I really love the new Peanut Butter flavor.   


Please come visit again soon.  Mom doesn’t understand me like you do…she doesn’t believe that I need these treats several times a day.   Mom says you spoil me and she won’t let me eat more than one or two a day.  In fact, I was hoping you could talk to her…I really think I am starving to death and I NEED those extra treats just to get my energy up.



Your Incredibly Good Looking, But Starving Granddog.


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2 Responses to A Guest Post

  1. Nicole says:

    Now that’s just funny!

  2. Ripley says:

    What the hell do you mean no more than one or two a day?
    Does your owner have problems???
    Here in Houston my daddy buys me pig ears and SNAUSAGES!!!! and even those lamb\steak strips….
    So what if they give me bad gas….but they are the SHIZNIZ!

    How in the hell do you think I learned to sit, shake and follow the word SLOW!!!

    I think you should protest…..the blog post was a great start but maybe you should leave mommy a little something in her shoe or maybe her pillow 🙂

    My grandpa gives me BOLOGNA when I visit!!! (yum yum) of course I almost took his finger off with all the excitement but thats beside the point!!!

    Maybe I can smuggle some treats your way soon….

    Yours in showing them who the ALPHA REALLY IS!!!


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