Another Good Gun Decision

Now this is where I might become to Texas Conservative for some of my blog readers, but I applaud the Texas Grand Jury that decided not to indict Joe Horn in Pasadena, Texas for murder.  Mr. Horn saw burglars breaking into his neighbors home.  He got his gun, called 911, and while on the phone with 911 ended up shooting and killing both burglars.  They made a move on his property, he told them not to move, and they started to run.  He shot and killed them both.  View the story here.


There was a lot of debate about this crime because Mr. Horn told the 911 dispatcher that he was going to kill them if they ran.  I do not blame Mr. Horn, I blame the criminals for making the decision to violate the law.  Many people are outraged that these two illegal immigrants lost their life for a simple property crime.  But the way I see it, if they had not been robbing the place to begin with, they would not have lost their life…and a Texas grand jury agrees with me. 

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2 Responses to Another Good Gun Decision

  1. dad says:

    Of course you mean that the GRAND jURY cleared old Joe of all charges. If you need to feel bad about anything, think about poor Joe. He has to live with the fact he took anothers life. Actually two. I guess I wonder where the third shot went. Perhaps they were flooping. Oh yes as you can tell I am a supporter of old Joe. The burglers were the cause, Joe was the effect, had the burglers been at work it would not have happened. Oh forgive me, I guess being a burglar was their full time job.

  2. God Bless Joe Horn and Texas!! If we only had a few more good shots on this side of the law the world would be a fraction less crappier than it is today!!

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