4th of July Trip

We had a great trip, however, I got sick starting Saturday night. So, I don’t feel so much like blogging right now. I will leave you with our group photo.  You can see more pictures on my Flickr Account.

4thJuly2008 Group Pic

(You may need to double click on the Photo. For some reason it is cutting off some of the people on the right side.)  L-R: Andrew Hurst & his boys; Jac Koch, Me, Ralph Hurst, Kim & Derek

Bottom Row: Joe Koch; The Martinec Family – Kenneth & Janene with Ryan (who hates getting his picture taken) and Ashley (sporting her cool hat that the kids made); the Yeoman Family – Chris & Liz, the latest addition to the camping crew, Jayden (4 mo), Megan, and Clayton (with his rocket launcher..which he very rarely parted with over the 5 days).

Missing from this Photo is Jennifer Hurst; Brendan Lyons and his kids Hallie, Jackson & Kendall; Brad & Carrie Batt; and April & Jen.  (They left early).

Also missing is Kevin, Irma & Will…as they decided not to come!  We missed you!

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2 Responses to 4th of July Trip

  1. Irma says:

    What do you mean Ryan doesn’t like to have his picture taken…just look at the blissful look on Ryan’s face! He is one happy camper…

  2. Carrie says:

    Ah, I really enjoyed the photos, Jen. Thanks!

    Hope you are feeling better…

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