Hurricane Dolly

For those of you who read my blog on a regular basis you know a little bit about my brother; First, he is a Fire Fighter & a Paramedic; 2.  I think he is pretty awesome; and 3.  He is single (however there is a very strenuous screening process conducted by his sister.) J 


Anyway, tonight’s blog is about my Brother. Those of you who even remotely watch the news know that Hurricane Dolly is in the Gulf of Mexico and expected to hit Texas/Mexico tomorrow. The press is salivating for a major hurricane to hit the U.S. since Katrina and Rita so there is excess coverage.  Since Katrina & Rita, Texas has gone into a mode of being “over prepared” for hurricanes (if that is possible).  


This evening I got a call from Rob telling me he is on his way to San Antonio.  They are gathering the Hurricane First responders in San Antonio at an old military base for deployment (They started this emergency management procedure last year.)  Emergency medical units and hazardous material response units from all over the state converge on San Antonio as a staging area for a Hurricane.  This becomes the central emergency operations center as it is far enough inland to ensure everyone is safe (however I do have childhood nightmares from when we evacuated to San Antonio during a hurricane and were surrounded by tornados.) and it is only a few hours from most coastal cities.  


As soon as a Hurricane hits, they send the emergency personnel in to help people.  I find it fascinating that we pay Rob and many others to just hang out and wait until something happens.


So I was talking to Rob today and asked “Why the hell are you going to San Antonio for a Category 1 Hurricane?  Who is paying for this?”  If you grew up the coast a Cat 1 Hurricane isnt that big a deal.  Rob gave me a great answer…”Damn Jenny, nobody wants to be Louisiana.  The media is all over the next major hurricane and Texas is NOT gonna be shamed by a crappy response like the City of New Orleans.”  


Understandable.  So, citizens of Texas, you are spending some extra money to ensure you have good hurricane response units available.  I say money well spent!


P.S.  Rob is Strike Unit 3.  Strike Unit 1 & 2 have already been deployed. Strike Unit 3 will likely be deployed around 3 a.m.  Regardless of how minor I think a Cat 1 Hurricane is, it will still show us all the power of mother nature.   


A picture of Rob at a fire that ran in the papers a few weeks ago (don’t kill me Rob!)

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4 Responses to Hurricane Dolly

  1. Irma says:

    Why is it that any man automatically looks hotter in a fireman uniform???

  2. Nicole says:

    Um, yeah. Pretty much what Irma said.

  3. Joe Koch says:

    first off I guess I am going to have to start walking around in fire gear. Second off, Rob Dawg..I dont think it is the uniform that makes you hot, I think you make the uniform hot. I dont think it has anything to do witht th eprofession, I just think women being the submissive creatures that they are like anybody in authority…look at Monica =). Third, I think it is ridicuolous that Rob has to leave his favorite bar stool to go find a new barstool in another city just because people are too ignorant to take the neccessary precautions prior to a big storm( which we know of well in advance), but I am glad to see Rob going out there and doing his thing with pride.

  4. crimzomblogger says:

    wat the heak do u mean irma fireman uniform?hahahahahahha

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