Rob Update

Rob says things are good and he will likely be home in a day or so.  He said the lines at the distribution points stretch at least 4 miles with people waiting to get basic supplies.  (Did these people forget that they were suppose to get basic necessity BEFORE the hurricane so they could take care of themselves for at least 3 days?)  The had a little excitement when they had to have the Police and National Guard intervene to make sure there was no riot over supplies.  As you would expect, he is having a good time.

Irma & Nicole, I have asked for more pictures of hot men in uniform but Rob is unsure these guys would would really believe that he is “taking these pictures for a friend.” 


This is a picture near Harlingen (Rob, I made the Correction).  As you can see there is a little excess water.  He hasn’t been able to get too many good pictures as he has been working (and he only has an iPhone).

Fuel Pic

He thought this was interesting, this is the Ambulance Refueling Area.  They bring their own fuel and refuel manually.

Line Photo

This is part of a 4 miles long line to get supplies at one of the Points of Distributions (POD’s).

Task Force Lead

This is the Team Leader for Texas Task Force One.  These guys were on of the first crews to go into ground zero after 9/11.  They train and are based of College Station…notice the cell phone cover.  (That is why he sent the photo. I told him all the really great people come from College Station).


He likes to call this his Penthouse Suite.  This is where he slept Wednesday night, or rather attempted to sleep.  He got the bench. His partner got the stretcher.  Good Times!

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3 Responses to Rob Update

  1. Irma says:

    They don’t have to be “HOT” men in uniform…any regular guy just automatically looks hotter in a fireman uniform…

  2. angie says:

    i am cracking up at the whole hot men in uniform while hurricane aftermath searching. Rob is supposed to be looking for people who need assistance, not looking to see who’s on the truck next to him and ask him to turn around so he can check his butt in his uniform.

    Too funny. I love Irma!!!!

  3. rob says:

    You guys are crazy….also Pic number 1 is not Padre…it is Harligen Texas about 40 miles inland from Padre…the city of 60,000 is flooded and looks like New Orleans…today I am in San Bonito about 1 mile from the Texas/Mexico border and about 1 hrs away from Padre!

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