The Weekend

First, I just wanted to let you know that Rob made it back home.  Although he says working the relief effort is for the birds, I know after he has a good nights sleep in his own bed and eats a meal that doesn’t come from a drive through window he will be ready to do it all again when called.


Second, this weekend was much better than I expected.  I want to thank everyone for the kind words, phone calls and emails this weekend.  It is hard to believe that one year ago today I was on my way to Switzerland with Brendan, Julie, Hallie & Jackson. (The most spontaneous thing I have ever done.)


Although I was sad that Julie was not here to celebrate her 36th birthday, I was in pretty good shape.  In fact, I had a really good weekend and I am pretty sure that is Julie’s doing.  The weekend started with the craziest dream about Julie & Brendan on Friday.  It is too long to explain but lets just say it involved trying to get me to steal (or borrow as Julie said) grocery carts so she could do something with them in her garden.  That left me with a big smile on my face…because it was a classic Julie dream!  On Saturday everything about the celebration Brendan & the Koch clan had at her gravesite left me laughing.  There were so many things happening I know she was having a good laugh (especially the large dolphin balloon that Jackson brought her.)  I can’t wait until Angie posts about the Birthday Party.



(Thanks for the Pic Angie…Looking forward to seeing yours.  You know if I could have been there I would have been.)


Although I miss Julie, I spent the weekend laughing with her.  (And again, that just reaffirms my faith in a higher power.  She took care of me this weekend.)  So, now we move on to the next milestone. 


VP Update:

Okay, so I think Obama will announce his Vice Presidential pick toward the end of this week. I think he will let the love fest die down and then try to make the Media salivate again by announcing his VP pick.  However, if it is not this week, then it will be next week.  He has to announce before the Olympics starts, August 8.


 I always thought McCain would announce after Obama, but he may try to take some media attention away from Obama and announce his pick early.  I was a bit upset this week because Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal gave an unequivocal “No” to being a Vice Presidential candidate.  He seemed pretty set in his way when he said it, but they all say no.  I am pulling for Bobby Jindal as a way to shake up this election and candidacy…he is like my Hail Mary pass.


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1 Response to The Weekend

  1. Kristi says:

    I just wanted you to know I was thinking of you this weekend, I knew it would not be easy on you. The celebration sounds like something she would have loved and the dream. Only Jules could find a use for shopping carts in a garden.

    Hugs and love sweetie!

    PS Totally random but I ran into Carrie with Kendall a couple of weeks ago here in the Woodlands, so random.

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