How Do You Know If You Are Wound Too Tight?

When you got to the dry cleaners and they have replaced all the red buttons on your nice shirt with red/pink cheap buttons, and you lose it.  You see my dry cleaners broke the very top two buttons on the collar of my shirt and attempted to sew on white buttons.  Did I mention this is a red shirt with red buttons?  They thought some how I wasn’t going to do notice these cheap a** white buttons on the top (that btw were cheaply sewed on to the shirt complete with white string hanging down).  So, when I pick it up on Sunday I get upset and tell them to just take off the white buttons.  I get a call on Monday where they informed me they want to replace my buttons but could not match the color.  Would I like Black or Pink buttons!  I told them to stop, cease and desist.  Do not do anything with the buttons.  


So, I show up today to get my shirt and they have replaced all my good nice matching red buttons with some sort of cheap red/pink button!  So I ask them what happened to the many good buttons that lined my shirt????  They threw them away!  So now I have a nice red shirt with off color cheap a** buttons of which will need to be replace when I find the time to go find nice buttons that match.  I am literally in the Cleaners asking the staff in a loud voice, “Does this look good to you?  Does this look like it matches?”  They gave me nothing but blank stares and when I realized there was nothing they could do to fix this I left and told them I would return when hell freezes over.  


In the realm of things it is just a shirt and really not a big deal.  In hind sight, I think perhaps it was a language barrier that caused the problem. I should have known by the original strange look on the face of the “manager” that they did not understand my issue with the white buttons.  Perhaps I should have just smiled and thanked them for the new cheap ugly off color buttons, and kept it to myself that I would not return.  It’s just the principle of the thing; I paid you to dry clean a shirt, not to give me some new clown look!  

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11 Responses to How Do You Know If You Are Wound Too Tight?

  1. Irma says:

    It is NOT just the principle of the matter…it’s INCOMPETENCE and ZERO COMMON SENSE – who throws away good buttons to replace them with cheapy buttons? Who silently replaces 2 red buttons with white ones hoping you won’t notice? People who are in a service industry at a minimum should either be competent or have common sense. I’ve gotten over hoping for both simultaneously.

  2. Nancy says:

    Sorry you had to flip out on some incompetent people.

    Personally, I think the whole dry cleaning industry is a total racket. All of those chemicals cannot be good for you and what exactly are they doing to your blouse to break the buttons in the first place? I mean really, I have washed and pressed many of my blouses at home and I rarely break a button. I might lose one to a thread breaking, but two at one time? Never.

  3. Bess says:

    Do what we do down here in Texas……Hang’em High!


  4. angie says:

    Jen I just love you to pieces. I am cracking up. Just for the record, I am laughing out loud at the part where you asked “Does this look good to you?” because I can picture you standing there and I can hear your voice. It’s fantastic.

    However, I am sorry for your Chinese misfortune.

  5. Joe says:

    You know Jen, there is one way to remedy that problem. Do em yourself. That is part of what is wrong in todays world, nobody takes responsibilty for there own activities and feel that they are too busy to do anything. Back in the day, when people did there own laundry and made there own food, the country was healthier lived longer, and had a sense of pride in what they did. Now the answer is send it to someone else, send it oversees. Make Americans take pride in there work, and have an ethic to work to improve what they have, instead of sending it out and then complain about it when it isnt done there way. =)

  6. Jennifer says:

    Joe, I work so I can out source the things I don’t want to do…Laundry and House Keeping are A#1 on my list. Eventually I hope to have a chef and perhaps a driver. I am helping stimulate the economy by asking other people to do things for me. I do not specialize in laundry, if you actually take my hourly rate and apply it to what it would take for me to actually attempt to dry clean a shirt myself it is not cost effective! Just like my taxes…what it would take for me to do them myself is much more then it would take if I went to someone who specializes in accounting…or if I attempted to build my own house…that would be a disaster! So, I am spurring the economy while maximizing my revenue. My mistake was that I thought I went to a dry cleaning specialist when in fact I did not!

  7. Amy says:

    This (lack of quality customer service) is something that drives me mad these days. I spend my HARD earned money on a service, dry cleaning, a hot cooked meal, whatever it may be, and I want to be happy with that service. I get that mistakes are made, but if that’s the case, then it should be made right. White buttons (or pink for that matter) on a red shirt is not right. What happened to the mentality that the customer is always right…I’m not trying to screw a business owner out of something, but if I have a special request, and I’m paying, I should be able to get it. I don’t know when we lost our sense of pleasing patrons or customers, but I put that on the list of many things that are broken in this country.

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  11. Roddy Moore says:

    Lighten up.

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