More VP Musing & General Politics

Maybe THIS is the week!  Once again, we think Obama will pick his VP sometime this week. As I have said in the past, McCain will let Obama pick his VP first.  Two weeks ago I was starting to worry that my original VP picks were going to be off the mark. Obama started talking about how he wanted someone “like himself”.  That means he is not looking for a #2 that would complement him and round out the ticket, but rather someone that was young,  light on experience, and inspirational. 


But then Russia invaded Georgia.  It could not have happened at a better time.  You add a little world conflict into the mix and people start thinking is the Cold War coming back?  Who can protect us from Russia?  Let me just say Obama’s name doesn’t automatically come to the forefront of answers to that question!  So, I think with the recent activity on the world stage Obama has to pick someone strong on Defense, so I go back to Joe Biden.  Of course, he is visiting Virginia this week where he could announce choosing our Governor, Tim Kaine.  But Gov. Kaine is just as green as Obama and I do not believe even with our Governor on the bottom of the ticket that Virginia will go Democrat.   


Today we wake up to find out that Russia isn’t really leaving Georgia; they are putting missile launchers within range of major cities in Georgia; and the President of Pakistan just resigned.  So I say Mr. Obama if you want to pick Governor Kaine, please do!   J


I still think McCain is going to pick Romney, which is not my choice.  I want him to go big, be different, take a risk…go with Bobby Jindal.  I don’t think that is going to happen.  Perhaps he will be safe and go with Pawlenty.  There is a lot of speculation going around that he will pick Tom Ridge, who would be good, but his pro-choice stance gives heartburn to the conservative base. Additionally he is viewed as strong on Homeland Security, and I am not sure that is something McCain actually needs.  But, if McCain had his choice he would pick one of his good friends, Ridge or Lieberman.  Who knows, let’s hope we find out soon.


The Debate:

I also want to mention something that really annoys me.  Saturday Evening, Rick Warren, evangelical preacher and author of “The Purpose Driven Life”, interviewed both Senators McCain and Obama.  He asked them both the same set of questions, however Mr. Obama went first.  Senator McCain was suppose to be in a “cone of silence” before his interview, that way both candidates would not be able to pre-plan their answers.  (Mr. McCain was in fact in his vehicle on the way to the event.)  When the interview finished it was clear that McCain had provided some much better answers to some of the questions than Obama.  So what rumors start flying yesterday, that Senator McCain heard the questions ahead of time.  Yes that is it; he cheated.  It couldn’t possibly be that he provide great answers because of his years of experience or because he is the better candidate.


I am looking forward to Obama & McCain’s first Presidential debate on September 26. 

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4 Responses to More VP Musing & General Politics

  1. Theresa in KY says:

    You crack me up Jen. I enjoy reading your “observations from the nation’s capital”. It’ll be interesting to see what happens with the vp picks. Shouldn’t be long now.

  2. Irma says:

    Sept. 26th…got it, we’ll have to re-cap afterwards!

  3. poliology says:

    To me, the possibility of Ridge on the ticket for McCain is all about winning PA. I think he’s gotta make a play for Michigan or PA, maybe Florida, although that could already be in his column. Depending on who you ask, Lieberman doesn’t put that in play (already tried that one once, did Al Gore), plus McCain already apparently lacks evangelical street cred. That’s not helping the rumored to be gay Charlie Criste either.

    My call for him, if he actually wants to compete, has to be Ridge–he won’t turn make the party pro-choice, and he can still do some damage. However, seeing as how I’m on the other side, I really want him to pick Romney, and Obama to pick Biden, and watch the Biden onslaught through the rest of the summer and into fall.

  4. Irma says:

    Will have to DVR it…just found out we’re getting baseball tickets for 9/26/08…I know, I know. Tough decisions!

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