The Truth About Owning A Fat Dog

I have to take Carson offsite to get a bath because I can’t lift him into the bath Tub.  I can lift him only so much (at 86 lbs) and his hind feet dangle down and he locks them on the bottom of the bath tub in the most stubborn “Hell No.. NO WAY AM I TAKING A BATH” death grip.  Last time I tried to give him a bath I injured my back and walked like an old person for 3 days.  So now I take him to the pet store and make them deal with his anti bath sentiments.


However, the one little glitch is I have to lift him into the back of my car!  He won’t hop up in the back.  This isn’t a problem at my house, but it can be darn right embarrassing in a parking lot filled with people.  When I have been trying to get Carson to get in the back of the car I have actually had people stop, laugh and say, “Oh no, I have got to see this.”  So Carson hops up and puts his front paws on the back of the car.  Then I am expected to bend down and heave his hindquarters up and into the back of the SUV!  It is really very funny looking.  So now, I park on the side of the store where it is a little less crowded.

I can’t decide what is more embarrassing: buying Carson a ramp to walk up and into the back of the vehicle, or me heaving his back half up and into the car?


Picking Carson up after his bath today.

PS On a personal note, I think if he wants to be a bit overweight then go for it.  He eats diets dog food, is regulated on snacks unless his grandparents are here, and goes on regular walks. However, he is just plain lazy and his preference is to sleep, which he does very well.  He is 9 or 10 years old and for a lab, that means he doesn’t have a whole lot longer. So if he wants to be fat then I say go for it.  BTW  The Vet actually asked me if I wanted to put Carson on Diet Pill for Dogs!  Can you imagine?  I said no… I don’t want to give my dogs speed!  Not only that, it has horrible side effects.  If the dog wants to be fat…let him be fat!   He isn’t really the kind of dog that is out to impress anyone. He doesn’t really care what you think of his body, just don’t bother his sleep schedule and give him some treats.

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4 Responses to The Truth About Owning A Fat Dog

  1. Irma says:

    Buy the ramp…save your back! BTW, last year our vet recommended that Coco lose a pound (she was 10.5 lbs – ideally should be 9) this year she was up to 12lbs. VERY overweight for her little body…so we bought her diet food and eliminated 1/2 her treats…she’s back to her svelt self. AND, although I hate to admit it, I have noticed her being more active.

  2. Nancy says:

    86 lbs. It sounds like Carson has already lost weight. I thought he weighed more than that.

    I’m with Irma… buy the ramp. I see them in SkyMall magazine all the time. If you can teach him how to use it, you’ll feel much better (and a lot less stress about getting him into the car).

  3. angie says:

    Our Charley is the same. When he puts his front legs in the back, I pick up his back feet, like, at the “knee” and it is MUCH easier for his to heave and hoe into the back of the car. I read it in a magazine and it works! Forget the haunches, go for the “knee” area.

  4. George the Super-Intern says:

    Carson and I are homies for life. Just ask him.

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