Finally, a decision

In response to the flood of emails I have received since Saturday morning I will tell you this:

Yes, I think Biden is a great choice for Obama.  By picking Biden, Obama acknowledges his weaknesses and put someone with experience on the ticket.  Senator Biden is very smart, well respected and a recognized foreign policy expert.  He is a seasoned campaigner and I expect him to help the Obama Campaign get on track.

Now as someone rooting for the Republican Party, I also like the Biden pick.  The Senator from Delaware has a long standing history of saying wildly inappropriate things so I am looking forward to one of these gaffs on the campaign trail.  Additionally, I think it is a bad idea to have two people from Congress on the same ticket.  Any member of Congress has a history of recorded votes that can be used against them.  Senator Biden’s 36 years in Congress gives the political marketers plenty to work with.

All of that being said I don’t underestimate the power of putting Biden on the ticket.  He can kick a little butt when he wants to, and I have no doubt he wants to.

Now, I just with the Republican choice for Vice President was so obvious.

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1 Response to Finally, a decision

  1. George the Super-Intern says:

    I don’t think the Biden pick was an admission of inexperience inasmuch as it was a measure of reassurance for the Democratic Party — after all, Obambi has been pretending to be a centrist since he became the presumptive nominee, so much so that people at one time asked for their donations back!

    But I think you’re right — the Right will have a field day with this — it has already begun on,, etc.

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