Hope & Change My ***

I have never been a Hillary fan, but I have to say after watching her take the stage tonight at the Democrat Convention, I have a new found respect for her.  After all the ups and down she has had to endure over the years in the public eye, to get up on stage and throw her weight behind Obama for something she really wanted and worked hard to get…its impressive.  I don’t care who you are.  She put aside her own personal feelings for a greater good.


And I thought it was really nice to see President Clinton with a tear in his eye, watching his daughter introduce his wife.  He should be proud (He is damn lucky they are still standing by his side.)


That being said, I thought her speech was crap.  J  Yes, she worked hard to unite the party and show how much she wanted Obama to win, but I still hated the speech.  Who can argue against the Democrat message?  Health care for all who need it, jobs for everyone who wants one, energy independence, bring our troops home with honor, care for our veterans, assistance for those who need it, restoring our place in the world.  This message isn’t that different then the Republican message.  The difference is how we get there?  (Devil is always in the details.)  How much do you want your government to intervene in your daily life?  How much do you want to give your government to intervene in your daily life?


Frankly I work with our government on a daily basis.  Often times, I think I can do it better which is why I want less government and I want to keep the money I bring home. 


I am SO tired of the democrat message: Say no to 4 more years of the same thing.  Hope & Change.  Let’s face it, you can’t walk into a company, having never been there, and hope to make drastic change.  You want a change…elect someone who has bucked the system for 30 years, making changes on a yearly basis.  Elect someone who isn’t afraid to upset his own party, constantly crossing lines to enact bi-partisan legislation, fighting to enact reforms that his fellow politicians hated, and fighting back against earmarks in an attempt to reform the system.  That is real change.  If you think McCain will be four more years of the same, you need to take a look at the 2000 elections and the McCain Congressional record. 


You want real change?  Elect Bob Barr with the Libertarian Party  or Chuck Baldwin with the Constitution Party

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2 Responses to Hope & Change My ***

  1. Irma says:

    McCain should hire you!

  2. rita darnell says:

    I think she is only looking forward four years and working for the “big plan” for her next campaign. She is not that forgiving – after all she probably did not forgive Bill….but instead kept him because she could benefit from his presence in her “big plan”. I sincerely believe she is totally self-serving. She is a pig! And the epitome of deceitful, to boot! Boy, I feel better!
    Go Ron Paul!!!! He would shake things up, for sure.

    Actually, I only logged on to say Hello. Angie said she had just spoken to you when I got there. She did such a good deed!

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