Buttons Buttons Buttons

You may remember my post about the great Dry Cleaners Incident of 2008.  Well do not fear, my family came through when I needed them most.  You see, I have been desperately looking for some small red buttons for my red shirt to replace the hot pink buttons so graciously put on against my will by my former dry cleaners.   Do you know how hard it is to find buttons that match?  Nearly impossible!  I actually spent a few hours in several different fabric stores with my red shirt attempting to find something that matches…and is the rights side.  (That is the hard part…not only does it have to match..it has to fit the button hole!)  (BTW…even the ladies in the fabric store were outraged at the cheap ugly buttons that had been put on my nice shirt!).

Things were looking pretty bleak but while on vacation my family gave me a gift!  Two of them had gone to the fabric store in Houston and bought some red buttons that they thought might go well with my shirt.  What do you think?  Would Members of Congress take me seriously with lady bugs on my shirt?



Thank you Cathy & Christie

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