Sarah Palin

Wow!  McCain picked Sarah Palin, the first term Alaska Governor.  I am actually not really sure what I think about this.  I had discounted her early on because she was a young, relatively inexperienced Governor of Alaska (a relatively small state population wise).  Did we pick a women just to offset what the D’s are doing? 

Things that are interesting about her is she is young, very well liked, makes the conservatives happy.  She is the mother of 5 kids and one is special needs.  They can’t really play the inexperience card on her since they are running Obama.  It would be nice to have the first woman VP.  But I am worried, she is sooooo unknown!  When people in my political circle are saying, “who is Palin?”

I am a little concerned that there is some sort of state investigation surrounding her or her husband. I can only assume they fully vetted this issue before they put her on the top ticket.  What is even crazier…she isn’t that much older than I am.  Perhaps I should have lobbied for the VP position.

However, as I said earlier, I wanted McCain to do something out of the box. I was thinking Bobby Jindal….but Sarah Palin is out of the box.

Lets see what happens.  Go McCain-Palin.


I will provide a better update when I have time to think about this more…this was just off the cuff, my ramblings.

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16 Responses to Sarah Palin

  1. Irma says:

    She sure is making the conservative, hunting, macho Republicans in my office happy…I believe she has NRA affiliations and is big on “drill, drill, drill”…at least that’s what I heard.

  2. Debbie says:

    I absolutely LOVE it! I think it was a brilliant move by McCain!! Go McCain-Palin!!

  3. Heather says:

    I love McCain’s pick! The more I think about it the more I like it!

  4. Theresa in KY says:

    Wow! The more I read/hear about her, the more I like her! It’s a gutsy move but –no guts no glory, as they say. The race got even more exciting today.

  5. Eva says:

    Actually, didn’t Walter Mondale have the first woman VP on a ticket? 😉

  6. Jennifer says:

    She is the first Women Republican on a ticket! But, I was meaning she could be the first woman VP (if McCain wins).

  7. Dave says:

    My first reaction was who? Then i listened to a very intellegent and precise woman make a 17 min speech. I am an independent and after hearing her life story and her convincing words I made my first contribution this political year. You go girl and show all the “GOOD OLE BOYS” the game has changed……for the better. GREAT PICK McCain!

  8. Eber Gowan says:

    After Sarah Palin is dumped into “The Snake Pit” of Washington, DC filled with sleazy, lying, hypocrites referred to as Congressmen, I wonder how long she will stay clean.
    I was impressed when she stopped “The Bridge To Nowhere”. Not many politicians would reject money ear marked for their state no matter how wastefull and costly it would be to the taxpayer.

  9. shirl says:

    In my later years here, as I’ve lbecome more and more like my Dad in his thinking on politiciams, I have always tried to think (hope) that maybe, just maybe, there is someone out there who is not toally caught up in the system!
    Could Sarah be the person?
    I don’t see Sarah as “Wow! a woman”…I see her as just a woman who seems to be smart …and capable! And likeable.
    That could be really scarry for some political men! Do they feel threatened, because they know that women are usually right???
    Some say she is inexperienced? EXCUSE ME….All you have to do is start asking questions….
    And what exactly does “inexperienced” mean?…not tainted…?
    Unfortunatley for Hillary, she was pushed too much because she was a woman who professed to know it all….

    My comments and I approve this message…

  10. Jill Mahoney says:

    Both vice presidential picks speak volumes about the candidates at the head of the ticket. Obama’s selection of Biden indicates that Obama knows that he lacks the experience to lead the country. In my opinion his selection of someone who democrats rejected twice already was not well thought out.

    McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin indicates that he values integrity, leadership and morality. Sarah Palin walks the walk as well as talking the talk; a refreshing quality for a politician. From what I have read she is a very good woman who has decided to make her mark on the country be being a politician. I was not planning to donate any money to the campaign before her selection. Now I plan to donate both my money and my precious time to the election of John McCain and Sarah Palin.

  11. Jan says:

    Wonderful pick! Looking forward to all the excitement as everyone gets to know this lady. Also we can have two lovely and smart ladies in the White House. McCain, let me thank you again for your service and dedication to our America.

  12. mark says:

    I know one thing for sure. The chance of a woman 41 years old of having a down syndrome child born is 1:100. this future VP made a poor decision in becoming pregnant at thr age of 43. She already had 4 healthy children, She did not think this through. Not the type of intelligent woman i would want as VP of my business/country.
    Just my opinion.

  13. Bill says:

    So I take it Mark you are more comfortable with a guy who has a known association with an individual who bombed the pentagon and a preacher that condemned America or a spouse that says America is a mean country. Not the type of person I want to be commander and chief. Just my opinion….

  14. Carol Gregory says:

    As a Republican woman in her 60’s, I’m thrilled with the selection of Sarah Palin. I was so surprised at my excitement waiting for her to arrive at the podium yesterday in Ohio and then I cried as I listened to her speech. She has it together and is a fine compliment to John McCain.

    By the way Mark, I work with Autistic and special needs children. The rate of autism is 1-125. Give me those childen with special needs any day over the smart mouth kids who could care less and create problems for their peers – bomb threats to stop school for a day, etc.

    Spend a day with a special needs child – I hope you’ll be transformed!!

  15. Bill says:

    Right on Carol

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