Man, You just can’t win.  I would love to know when Bristol brought this up to her Mom. 
CNN Breaking News: Bristol Palin, 17-year-old daughter of Sarah Palin, is pregnant and will keep the baby and marry the father, a senior McCain aide confirms.
Kudos to both campaigns (Obama/McCain) for holding to the line that candidates families are off limits.  I am not sure if it is the round the clock coverage of Gustav or that the media is listening…but there hasn’t been too much about this “breaking news.”
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3 Responses to Agghhh

  1. Carol Gregory says:

    It is my understanding that McCain knew of this during the interviews with Sarah during the selection process.

  2. Irma says:

    No one is listening because good or bad it’s not all that surprising…we all have at least one family member who is, has been, or will be in the same situation. That’s one of those situations that are best left un-judged…you never know when it might affect you.

  3. Carol Gregory says:


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