Hunker Down & Getting Lucky

Update: Everyone is hanging in there (but not exactly having fun).  We are all communicating via text messages as cell service is spotty at best.  Mom, Dad & Rob have been trying to check on the houses of the rest of our family as well as some friends.  There are just so many areas you can’t even get to!

Rob is splitting shifts on the Ambulance.  He says it is surreal because they are now carrying guns (to deal with the crazies) and are under a treat and release protocol. That means if you are having a heart attack, they give you drugs, and then tell YOU to try and make your way into one of the two open hospitals in Houston.  They are not transporting anyone at this point. 

He says they are hearing gun shots when driving around at night.  You must be crazy to be a looter, but especially to be a looter in Texas.  Everyone carries guns and they aren’t afraid to use them!


Everyone is safe and surviving without electricity.  This is the front of Rob’s House. Normally the lake is off in the distance.  It has come up to his property, but did not get in his home!  Mom is back at her house, which suffered no damage at all..not even a downed fence (which she just had replaced a month ago).   They have water, but now power or phone lines.  The good news for Mom (and my aunt and her 2 house guests) is she has a son at the fire station, which has electricity, warm showers, and A/C.  So they have somewhere to go if they need to charge electronics or just cool off.

My father is busy trying to figure out how to get fuel for his city emergency vehicles.  (Not sure how that snook up on them..I suspect their fuel depot is underwater).  Kemah is a mess and they have a lot of clean up.  They are also very busy trying to round up all the displaced alligators.  (This would be reason enough for me to take a vacation to San Antonio for a few days.) 

The only crappy news to report is my Cousin Greg’s house has 7 ft of water in it.  Who knows how much water was in it during the height of the storm.  The good news is they evacuated.  It will be several days until they can get into their subdivision (Shoreacres).  But we have a big family, they have insurance, so all will be taken care of.

Also, like so many, I have fallen in love with the term Hunker Down. There is nothing like watching Geraldo Rivera or a CNN News Anchor say Hunker Down.  First I was only seeing it on the Internet watching the local Houston news…but now the cable newscasters are saying it.  I am desperately trying to convince Angie to make Hunker Down T-Shirts.  I think we could sell them at the BTHO Benefit!

Rob House

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6 Responses to Hunker Down & Getting Lucky

  1. Rob Kerber says:

    I think we should sell them period! Not only for BTHO but in General…I think its great and I am sure we can find somewhere or some just cause to spend the money on! If its gonna happen it needs to happen like now before someone else steals the idea!

  2. Marianne says:

    I have a friend in Houston and have followed Mr. Ike closely via the internet and TV (I live in Denmark). My friend is ok and have no damages on her house – they even have power. Her mothers house almost got water inside but just made it dry. Her parents in law weren’t that lucky – their house is a total mess with broken windows, water inside and just so many broken things. At least it is just things – they are all safe.

    (And no, you don’t know me! I am a peeper comming from Julie & Brendans blog. Normally I enjoy reading your political things – these days I look for your updates on the hurricane!)

  3. Heather says:

    Love the t-shirt idea…instead of “I Survived Hurricane Ike”, you should have ” I Hunkered Down For Hurricane Ike!” 🙂
    We were very blessed and have only minor roof repairs that need to be made.

  4. angie says:

    oh I am ordering the shirts. Just need to power up computer to design.

    It reads:
    It’s some kind of Hunker Down thing! Ike 08

  5. Christie says:

    Love the shirt idea…… Jonathon already wants to buy it! “I Hunkered, Did You?”

  6. Heather says:

    I saw Ed Emmet wearing a baseball hat this morning that had a hurricane symbol and said Hunker Down on it!

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