Good Humor

By all accounts it has been a crappy year for my cousins Greg & Alison. BabyShower_0574  We buried Alison’s brother Bear only 4 months ago.  Now Hurricane Ike has come along and ruined their home.  Even with all of that, they continue to move forward, with a smile on their face and gratitude in their heart.  After Hurricane Ike hit Greg told me not to worry, “it was only stuff, and we took all the important stuff with us.”  He also said they felt blessed to be safe and have a large network of family and friends that will help them moving forward.  

So, I got this email from Greg this morning and I wanted to share it.  It was good to see he had a sense of humor about the whole thing. 

Dear Family,

Many of you know that when I choose to remodel a part of the house I go in with a bang!  Well a friend of mine came to town last Saturday and convinced me that it was time to remodel again!  Strangely enough he went door to door through my city and many others like mine and urged everyone else to join in.  I’m starting to believe that he works for the county tax office and that this is a larger conspiracy to inflate property values and stimulate the local economy with one massive remodeling project.  Thanks IKE!!!

To give you all an idea of the scope of my project I have attached some pics.  The good news is that I think we are finished with the demolition portion of the project and now we can move on to rebuilding.  Oddly enough, supplies seem to be in short supply and very pricy!  The sheetrock contractor laughed when asked if he could start next week; not sure why that was so funny. 

House & Pics 2008 141

My House before my friend Ike

House & Pics 2008 666

Looking out the front door

House & Pics 2008 413

Some furniture that I did not like anymore

House & Pics 2008 416

The new bed was too soft anyway

House & Pics 2008 653

Looking into the living room from the front door

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