Where is my Gift?

Okay, honestly, if I recieved $250,000 worth of gifts, I think I would know it.  A quarter of a million dollars is a lot of money, at least for me.  And if some contractor just started showing up fixing my house with out me paying him, I think I would realize I was getting a gift.  Sen. Stevens…I call BS.


Stevens’ Defense to Rely on E-Mails

September 25, 2008, 12:54 P.M.


Attorneys for Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens (R) sought to portray the lawmaker Thursday morning as a man wrongly accused, asserting that he did not knowingly conceal or, in some cases, even receive the more than $250,000 in gifts as alleged by government prosecutors.

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1 Response to Where is my Gift?

  1. Lynn says:

    *raises hand*
    I need someone to gift me with a new fence! My insurance deductable is outragous…


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