A Guest Post

My friend Michelle had a funny story about her daughter that I thought you might enjoy:


Michelle, Taylor & Drew on the water


As most of you know, Taylor is not a fan of the boat.   She used to be, last year going fishing with her daddy every weekend until the one day he went toooooooo fast and it was wavy.  Game over.   Over this almost gone summer, the boat has become a major sense of anxiety, entertainment and annoyance.  In that order anxiety for her, entertainment for her father who threatens to take her out against her will all the time and annoyance for me because usually around Tuesday afternoon she begins with “it looks like it’s going to be windy this weekend” or “maybe we should spend some girl time this weekend and drew should go on the boat with daddy” or even more subtly “I hate the boat.”  And it continues on through Monday morning until we load up to come home.  It has gotten to the point where Chris and I are having coffee on any given weekend morning, stroll over to the glass doors and observe out loud that “it is a gorgeous day” or “it is flat as a pancake” and she begins crying, letting us know, loudly, that she doesn’t want to go on the boat.  


Last week, as I picked her up from school Monday, I collected the usual 146 sheets of art work from her cubby from the 6 hours she spends there each day.  (145 consist of things like a few lines, funky letters that spell not much in english, glitter that gets all over the car, beads and confetti that also get all over the car, things you can’t make out, etc.)  However, this day we had 3 great pieces with notations from the teacher to explain the series of pictures.   


The first was a great sail boat, or as she corrected me FLAG boat.  Great lines, good color, clear that it was a flag boat.  Impressive!  Note from teacher read “Taylor’s boat.”  Mom smiled hoping she was inspired to draw this from the many sailboats we see on the Bay.  

Taylor Boat

The second was something brown with purple slashes and some blue circle scribbles.  Later I learned from the teacher’s note that what I was proclaiming “So special!” was actually “Taylor on her boat with a butterfly.” Mom again smiles – could we be turning the corner??  I mean, a butterfly clearly demonstrates happiness in child psychology and we have had a few nice experiences on the boat lately.  

Taylor Boat2

Flip to 3rd drawing.


Image can’t make out – note from teacher “This is the storm destroying Taylor’s boat.”

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