Crash & Burn

Well I think I may have just watched my candidate crash and burn with the Financial Market Bail out bill fail on the House floor.  Not that I mind, as I have said, I am not completely sure I am sold on a Bail out Bill.  I know we are in trouble, but I am not an economist but I get an uneasy feeling when the government intervenes in the private sector market.

My candidate suspended his campaign, flew to D.C. all under the idea that he would get the House Republican’s in line to support a Bail out Bill.  Negotiations took place all weekend, McCain backed the bill, then the vote failed on the House floor by a 228–205 margin.  Most of the Republicans voted no.  That is not a good sign for Senator McCain.

I am guessing Congress will have to come back to do something…or they won’t leave today without doing something.  It is a wait and see game as the Stock Market plunges.

BTW: I find it humorous that political pundits are upset that Republicans didn’t vote for the bill.  Really???  It kind of goes against their fundamental nature.

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1 Response to Crash & Burn

  1. Carrie says:

    Totally agree… I am not convinced either that throwing a bunch of money at a decades old problem is the solution. But this did nothing to help demonstrate his ability to rally together support for a given cause.

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