And In This Corner….Tonights VP Debate

Its a showdown tonight, the big VP Debate will be televised. I can’t really remember the last time a VP debate had so much might have been during the VP debates with Admiral Stockdale (Ross Perot’s running mate..scroll down to VP Candidacy to see why).   I dare say, tonight is Must See TV. 

This debate is especially important because the first Presidential debate didn’t sway any indecisive voters.  (But this is not the norm..normally nobody cares about your number 2, and they certainly don’t need to have foreign policy experience).   But this is a BIG deal for Palin.  She is really untested.  Biden had participated in many debates, especially during the recent primary.  He looked good up there with all the other Democrat Presidential hopefuls and he certainly held his own.  But Palin is untested in this type of national arena.

Due to Palin’s abysmal interviews lately with Katie Couric (of all people) I think the expectation for her is very low.  I could be similar to George W. Bush’s first debate…all he had to do was walk on stage, say his name and a complete sentence and people were impressed.  But Palin really needs to deviate from her standard stump speech tonight.  I think she needs to spend time talking about substantive issues (but I am not sure that ever happens in a debate).   Additionally, I think Palin needs to use Biden’s own words attacking Obama from the primary against him.   The media (and the public) have determined that Palin is not fit to be VP, so she needs to prove her expertise and intelligence tonight. 

Biden is always fun to watch.  I respect Biden, but he has an EGO (who doesn’t in this town), likes to hear himself talk, and is known for saying the wrong thing. He is the Master of putting his foot in his mouth and is often seen as talking down to people.  I imagine his debate prep has focused on making him provide short, non-biting, non condescending answers. 

Also keep in mind that Biden’s very nature is to be an attack dog!  If I was going into battle I would gladly sic Biden on someone.  However, you can’t sic an attack dog on a VP candidate who is a sweet looking mother of 5.  It just doesn’t look good (you know us poor defenseless women).  J So I think it will be interesting if Biden can contain his normal nature…no attacks, no ego stroking, no long winded answers.

Now, if I were Palin I would probably try and get some good zingers or attacks in on Biden to see if I could provoke his normal nature.  Biden also has a long history of votes (and putting his foot in his mouth) that can be used FOR or AGAINST him. 

Truth be known, I am VERY worried about Palin’s performance tonight.  This could be the final nail in the Campaign coffin.  (It could be my cynical nature after having our butt handed too us for the past two weeks.)  I am hoping Palin comes out swinging tonight.  We can’t afford a bad showing.  (No Pressure Palin).

All & All, I am looking forward to tonight. 


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4 Responses to And In This Corner….Tonights VP Debate

  1. Irma says:

    Will be interesting…I’m actually looking forward to this!?!?

  2. Jennifer says:

    Man Irma, how times have changed. 🙂 Never in a million years did I ever think I would convert you to be interested in politics! I love it.

  3. Joe says:

    You know as I read this and you make statements like nail in the coffin our butts handed to us. it saddens me that one would lay down so quick and accept defeat. I mean look at Bush, he dosent always know the right words to say sometimes but by golly he sure does make some new ones up right spiffy like. But if you keep in mind and I wish someone would bring this to light more is that it is the Democrats and everybodys favorite cigar smoking intern loving former president that put us in this current situation, and we just happen to fall into the time period that it now must be corrected. I say let them crash and the economy will seek its own level.

  4. Theresa in KY says:

    I couldn’t watch it either! I was praying she’d do well and she held her own. Don’t give up–there’s too much on the line!

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