Memories Keep Coming Back

Julie Smile

(How does that not make you smile?)


It has been a rough week or two, for everyone.  This time last year we knew Julie didn’t have that much longer.  This is the first time in three years that I have been living in Washington for the beginning of Fall.  (As soon as Congress left I would head to Texas till the first of the year (last year I left before Congress was out.)  It is weird to be here.


I was cleaning out my jewelry box and found this heart shaped locket that I had in High School after Nancy moved away.  It was hidden behind one of the drawers.  Inside the locket is a picture of Julie & Nancy from about 9th grade.  I thought it was an interesting find…I had forgotten all about that locket.





(Julie & Nancy years later)


I have gotten a lot of emails from people who have been thinking about Julie these pasts few weeks.  We found the best way to cope was to share fun Julie stories.   Some of them were crazy fun memories from college (like the time she partied a little to hard and went to “sleep” early 😉 We drew a mustache and other things on her face with eyeliner (actually I believe at the time it was her dear sweet boyfriend Brendan’s idea…I of course objected.).  We took a bunch of pictures of her, and then cleaned up her face.  The next day we got the photos developed at a one-hour photo place (remember those) and then all went to lunch at Double Daves.  We just started passing the photos around the table.  When Julie saw those photos her face was priceless.)


Thanks Angie for the photo.  It is priceless


Others were memories of what she used to say (Every day she would send us off to class Julie by saying, “Do good, make us proud”.  I am pretty sure she got that from her Dad. Or when everyone was separating for the day or evening she would say, “Miss Me”.)   This weekend Sherri promptly woke me up bright and early on Saturday morning in a classic Julie manner. She texted me: “Rise & Shine and Give God Your Glory Glory Glory”.  That is how Julie used to wake us in the morning…by singing that song loudly with a big smile on her face.  (Sometimes she would opt for “This Little Light of Mine.”)  I’ll admit it…there were some mornings where I wanted to beat the crap out of her for waking me like that.  Other mornings you just couldn’t help but smile.


So, if you have any good Julie stories, lets hear them!

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4 Responses to Memories Keep Coming Back

  1. jackson4 says:

    I went through every album and I can’t find the photo! But I know it’s there because I remember looking at it and thinking “oh yeah, got to save this for the kids!” SHe must be hiding it from me right now so I don’t scan it!

    Sherri texted me on Saturday morning with the words
    “Rise and Shine and Give God the Glory Glory….”

    I instantly threw my arms in the air and continued the song!

  2. Nancy says:

    So funny… my parents were staying over a couple of weeks ago and that is how I woke them up! “Rise and shine and give God the glory, glory!” I’m pretty sure that was her way of saying “Hi!” to my folks.

    Speaking of songs of praise… somewhere in my dusty memory, I can hear Julie and I singing (in perfect harmony, I’m sure) at some youth rally in Houston. We thought we were so cool…

  3. Carrie says:

    Thanks for posting this, Jen. And thanks for your email last week. It’s good to share these memories.

    One of yours resonated with me… Even this time last year amidst her physical deterioration, she was so excited for me to go back to school and would always say, “Make us proud, Care!!”

    I miss that smile. I miss that voice. I miss her influence on all of us and presence here with us.

  4. Brad says:

    Good pics and stories — thanks for sharing.

    Julie is missed by many everyday!

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