Second Chances and a Cute Dog

Do you remember the Great Dry Cleaning Incident of 2008?  Well, it turns out this dry cleaner now has a new name and new management.  In fact, it is now an “Organic” Dry Cleaner (yes, I live in Yuppieville).  It appears there are all new people working in the Dry Cleaners as well. I am thinking about giving them a second chance.  We will see what happens.


I also had to share these photos with you because it reminds me of something Murphy used to do.  A few days ago my friend Nancy came home from work and was unloading the car when her dog, Sloberous Maximus (Max) ran out and got in the car.  He just sat in the passenger seat.  Regardless of how many times Nancy would call him to come into the House or tell him that they were NOT going for a ride, he just sat there.


A little later, here he is again…


 Even later…he was still optimistic, even in the dark.  If only we could all be that way. 


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1 Response to Second Chances and a Cute Dog

  1. Nancy says:

    Oh, Slobs! He does love his car rides. Sometimes, when I get home from work, Jose will be walking the dog. Of course I have to stop and talk to them. The only problem is that if I stop the car, the dog instantly thinks he is going for a ride. Jose will open the door and Max will hop in the back seat. Then I have to drive him around the neighborhood for a couple of minutes. It’s a little wierd, but what can I say? He loves to go for a ride – even if it is just around the block!

    We also joke that if anyone ever wanted to steal our dog, all they would have to do is open the car door. He’ll jump in ANYONE’s car – he’s not picky.

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