Still Smiling

It is an amazing historic morning. Do you realize we just had a major shift in power of this country and are waking up this morning with business as usual? There are no riots in the street, there is no move by the current administration to keep their power, and there is no military overthrow of our government.  Do you know how many countries fail to make a peaceful transition in power?  And yet here we are, about to make the transition smoothly.  That says a lot about our country and our constitution. 


We have broken a major barrier in history by electing an African American.  The youth vote actually showed up this time.  I am living in a Blue State in the South.  Last night was historic!  And now we turn to my 2nd favorite guessing game: Who is going to be in the Cabinet.  The only thing I know is it won’t be me.  J


I spent last night at the RNC party.  It was not the same party it was in 2004, but it was still great to be there.  I don’t envy Obama’s job going forward. He has been put on a pedestal and unfortunately there is no way he can deliver his platform.  Now he has to manage expectation.  He has to manage expectations of the youth who are sure to be disillusioned because radical change doesn’t start on January 20…or 3 months later, or 6 months later.  Radical change happens gradually, over many years.  I don’t envy him because it is a hell of a time to be President.  But I am excited about what the future holds.


My party threw away their leadership and abandoned their fundamental positions.  They acted like drunken sailors and now they are paying the price.  I hope my party re-focuses on fiscal restraint and less government, not more.  We needed a swift kick in the butt, and we got it last night.  Now we have to focus on 2010 and putting our party back together. 


There is so much more to say but it will have to wait for another post.  


Oh yes one other thing…do you believe it looks like Louisiana AGAIN RE-ELECTED Congressman William Jefferson. The man has been indicted on corruption charges.  He was caught with over $90,000 of federal bribe money in his freezer folks!  Wake up folks!  Hold people accountable!

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3 Responses to Still Smiling

  1. erstwhile says:

    It bothers me when people say that we have the first BLACK president. He is NOT BLACK. He is bi-racial. He is one half white and one half black. There is a difference in being Black and being Bi-racial. Even if you do not acknowledge your white ancestors.
    I have seen news media posting of pictures of his mother, his grandfather and his grandmother. If he is a black, so am I. My grandparents and mother are the same color as his. However, my father is white. That makes me white. His father was black, which makes him bi-racial.
    John McCain’s pick for vice president was an insult to my intelligence. He has one foot in the grave and chose an inexperienced person that could not run this country. But, then somebody elected a President yesterday with no more experience to run a country than she has. Advantageously, he does not even know what color he is!
    Actually, I just sat down to eat a breakfast taco and decided to surf while I ate…Thanks for letting me get that off my chest. I feel much better! tee hee!

  2. Kris says:


    Long time blog-stalker (from Julie’s blog), first time poster. I really appreciate your politcal commentary.

    Today there is much speculation on whether or not Obama will govern from the center or the left. I think there will be alot of people with their hand out and he will have to somehow appease everyone.

    I think this is more then a sad day. I think it’s an awful step for the country. I don’t understand what kool-aid these supporters are drinking. I’ve seen video from all across the country with Obama supporters behaving as if they personally have won the lottery.

    On a lighter note, your cabinet game: I’m guessing Collin Powell

    I’m also thinking the first supreme court nominee: HRC

  3. Ker ber says:

    OMG Kris, I don’t think I could handle HRC for Supreme Court!!!!! I might have to personally work the Senate to prevent that confirmation. I am hearing Collin Powell for Secretary of Education. I said BS to the person who told me…but I don’t know. We will have to see. Maybe I can make something up on here so we can all guess. Things for posting! Its nice to meet a blog-stalker. 🙂

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