Elections, Anniversaries, & Leaves

Long time no blog post.  I will admit it, I was suffering from a lack of inspiration and bit of a rough patch.  Between the election (yes I will admit it, I hated losing) and Julie’s one year anniversary I was a bit blue.  But tomorrow is a day to be thankful and I am so very thankful for my friends and family. I am thankful I am healthy and employed.   I am also thankful for my renewed faith.



Just a short political note (if I can do a short political note).  I am actually content with the Obama administration at this point in time.  So far, many of the people he has appointed or intends to appoint are either centrist democrats, or even right leaning democrats.  He is even going to keep George W. Bush’s Defense Secretary Robert Gates (former President of Texas A&M University..WHOOP).  (In fact some of these guys don’t even have policies positions that different than the current administration…now I am sure that is going to upset some people when they figure it out.) 


Additionally, I thought the failed attempt to strip Senator Lieberman of his Chairmanship of the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee was a promising sign that things might be changing.  As you know, the party in control decides who Chairs what Committees in Congress.  Lieberman used to be a Democrat but had to run as an Independent to return to the Senate.  The D’s gave him a powerful chairmanship (Homeland Security Committee) to make sure he continued to vote with them.  Many D’s were very upset that he publicly backed John McCain and even spoke at the Republican Convention.  So, some Senate Democrats attempted to strip Lieberman of his Chairmanship. However the vote failed and he remains Chair of the Committee.  But word went out that President-elect Obama actually called several people and said do not punish Lieberman for being bi-partisan.  That is a HUGE step.

So I am cautiously optimistic (a lobbying term I learned to use to tell clients that you are really hopping you succeed in getting what they want but you really have no idea, I am hopeful with reservations) that perhaps Obama will bring in a new error of bi-partisanship and everyone working together.   It worked for a few months after 9/11.  Let’s see if it last longer this time.



As you can see by the pictures I am definitely not in Houston.  I have never seen so many leaves.  You just rake them to your curb and then this big sucking machine comes and sucks them all up.  However, the big machine only comes 3 times during fall.  It has come once already, but there has been no date set for the next neighborhood sweep.  So here I sit with these huge piles of leaves in front of my house.  In fact, I had to go rake a small amount of space where I could parallel park my car in front of my house.  Now what happens if we get a snow before the leaf machine comes back?  Let’s just hope that doesn’t happen.


Big Leaves

If you click on this you can see how tall the leaves are stacked, they are almost as tall as my garbage can on one side.



Jack & Kate “helping” me with leaves..the did more work scattering the leaves then gathering the leaves.

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