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New Ways To Pull A Loose Tooth

My cousin sent me this video and I had to share it with you.  Their son, Mitchell, is 6 years old and about to loose his first tooth.  Rather than pull it out the unconventional way, Mom & Dad convince … Continue reading

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My Father, the Comedian

This is what I woke up to this morning: Email 1: Had to call in late for work due to heavy snow.  See Attached Email 2: Just made it in.  City road crews working round the clock to clear roadways … Continue reading

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Selling a Senate Seat

Really?  Trying to sell an appointment to Obama’s vacant Senate seat, when you have been under various investigations for three years?  Is Gov. Blagojevich really that stupid?  Or does Chicago still operate like the old days?  I never believed the … Continue reading

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Do you know everyone in your office?

I work in a relatively small office; there are only about 30 of us.  At the end of 2007 we merged with another association.  Much of the integration happened in the last few months of 2007 when I was in … Continue reading

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Homeland Security: The Reality Show

Yes, this is for real.  They are doing a reality show with the Department of Homeland Security.  It is replacing some TV show Mid-season that didn’t make it.  Doesn’t that seem odd?  And I hate to admit this…but I plan … Continue reading

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