My Father, the Comedian

This is what I woke up to this morning:

Email 1: Had to call in late for work due to heavy snow.  See Attached


Email 2: Just made it in.  City road crews working round the clock to clear roadways and sidewalks.  Could God be punishing us?  Hurricane 9–12, Snow Storm 12–10.  What next?

I hope yall enjoyed the winter wonderland, even if it was only for one night.

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4 Responses to My Father, the Comedian

  1. Brad says:

    Had to turn on my fireplace last night … this is a very tough time for all Houstonians.

  2. Jenn's Dad Bill says:

    Brad is correct it is a very tough time for we south texans. Please take a hard look at the picture and let me point out that the little tree just to left of the small building with the wall blown out (HURRICANE IKE DAMAGE< AND STILL WAITING FOR FEMA CHECK) is a Meyer Lemon Tree. This tree normally produces 7 to 8 hundred lemons per year for which the roadside sales will normally supplement our income just enough allows me any my wife to purchase christmas for the kids. Well Ike took about 250 and the snow the rest, so christmas will be very dark

  3. becca says:

    Gore warned us all about global warming. Just saying…

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