This town has gone crazy!  Everyone is preparing for the Inauguration. Every where I go it is Obama-mania.  This morning we had round the clock coverage of the Obama Girls first day at Sidwell Friends…complete with pictures of their backpacks and the vehicles that escorted them to school. Riveting News!  Every cabbie asks me if I am “excited”..will I be in town for the “historic” event?  Yes, I am excited it is a historic event, but do I really want to be downtown with 5 million people?


The news is making the Inauguration sound miserable.  They are bringing in Mobile Cell Towers because they don’t have enough to handle the cell phone usage on the 20th.  They are advising people to text each other.  No cars allowed in the city, just busses transporting people.  They are shutting down entire freeways.


And I will be here, with 8 out of town guests, as we will be attending the Texas Black Tie & Boots Gala, which is a Blast!

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6 Responses to Obama-mania

  1. shirl says:



  2. Greg says:

    Just a friendly reminder, when we evacuated from Rita, the freeways were clogged for hours. I would prepare just like for a Hurricane; stock up on Water, canned foods, batteries and move all your important items to higher ground. Ok, you can probably skip that last part….. Have fun with your 4.5 million new friends. I will enjoy watching the chaos from here.


  3. angie says:

    egads. Now I hear this morning that the mother in law will be moving in to the white house as well? Is that necessary?

  4. Jennifer says:

    Greg – you are so right..they are telling people here to Prepare like it is a Hurricane!!!!

  5. Aunt Debbie says:

    Jennifer-I hope you have a good time. I cannot imagine being in that crowd but I have several friends that are going.

  6. shirl says:

    I think it’s a GREAT IDEA that the mother-in-law is moving in! She’ll keep order!


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