Black Tie & Boots & the Inaugeration


Jill, Debbie, Mike, Cari & Jen (L-R, Top to Bottom) Thanks Juan for taking the photo!


What an amazing two days!  Thanks to all my friends and family who came out and celebrated with me!  As you can imagine, I went to the Black Tie & Boots Inaugural Ball and I went down to the Mall for the Inauguration of Barack Obama.  We had a great time.  The energy on the Mall was unbelievable.  I might be a Republican, but I was on the Mall today as an America, celebrating the peaceful transition of our government.  People take that for granted…it doesn’t happen in the majority of countries in this world, yet we have done it 44 times.


For this grand occasion I had 9 guests in town.  We had a limo pick us up last night and we went to the Black Tie & Boots Texas Inaugural Ball, at the new Gaylord Hotel.  It was just us and 12,000 of our closets friends. 


We listen to lots of great country music throughout the night and got to see tons of interesting outfits.  You haven’t lived until you have seen a Texas Flag Sequined dress.  They also have this fantastic Texas Fair with all kind of vendors pushing Texas items.  This may not sound to exciting to many of you, but when you are far from home, you love seeing a bit of home.



(And this was a muted Texas Flag Dress…some of them the flag was the ENTIRE dress)


Last night I was asked by one attendee if I was, “really celebrating”.  I told him yes, I always celebrate the election of a new President, but no, my guy didn’t win.  I think some people find this very odd.  But I just think our political system/government is so amazing I have to just step back in awe of all of it.  We just elected the 44th person to be President…there have only been 44 people to run this country.  Amazing.


The Inauguration

As always, I am a planner. So I had a massive plan put together to get us on the Mall (with 2 million of our friends) in a good viewing spot and get us back out in time to get 2 people to the airport.  The plan involved pre-staging a vehicle, using the metro, walking several miles, bathroom stops that did not involve a Port-O-Potty (I don’t use them), hand warmers, and much much more.  (BTW, there was one Port-A-Potty per 500 people!)


We were running a little bit slow this morning (Didn’t go to bed until 3 a.m and had to start moving at 8 a.m.) but everything worked perfect!  While trying to remember everything and get everyone out of the house, I forgot my coat!!!  It was FREEZING (20 degrees when we started out).  I had hat, gloves, scarf, thermal underwear, hand warmers, but no Jacket.  Thank goodness Cari was able to unzip the liner from her jacket and give me the outside. It wasn’t warm, but it did help block the wind.   We took the metro  into the city and walked out of it. It was crazy to walk out of the city and with hundreds of people. 


The energy on the Mall was unbelievable.  So many people were so excited to be there…to see a dream they never thought would happen. It was amazing to be a part of such a historic event.  You couldn’t help but cheer or sing along.  But my favorite part was that in spite of being surrounded by 2 million people, you could hear a pin drop.  Everyone was intensely listening to the swearing in ceremony.  It was amazing.


It has been a crazy 4 days of sightseeing and Inaugural activities…I am exhausted, but it was so worth it!


Here are a few pictures for you…


Yes, that is 7 adults in a Toyota Highlander.  It was 17 degrees out this day so we were all bundled up!



Snipers on the Top of the Lincoln Memorial (and everywhere around town)


Yeah! We made it…cold and all. (Jill, Debbie, Me, Mike, Cari, & Juan….the other 4 went home).


Love this shot with Lincoln in the background. They still had a platform left over from the concert Sunday night. (During our night tour on Sunday we got to hear Garth Brooks rehearsing). 


DSC00179Tribute to George W. Bush.

When we first came across this blow up statute we thought it was some sort of protest against W. and we were all fearful because it just wasn’t the time or place for that sort of thing.  Luckily it wasn’t.  It was a true, honest salute to President Bush and there was a nice plaque on it that thanked Bush for his service as President during difficult times.  Unfortunately as we were enjoying the statue some JERK decided to throw his shoe at Bush.  He thought it was funny, we thought it was funnier when his show got stuck in the Statue and he was standing outside without a shoe in 20 degree weather.  Served him right.  There was such unity and harmony on the mall, there was no need for the Bush bashing. 


You can view ALL my pictures on my Flickr Account

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2 Responses to Black Tie & Boots & the Inaugeration

  1. Amy says:

    Thanks for posting, Jen. I was checking in all day yesterday hoping you would put something up. I was glued to the TV from 7a – 9:30p. IT was so amazing to see everything, I can’t imagine what it would have been like to witness first hand…well, I guess cold for starters!

  2. Nancy says:

    So awesome! I was with you in spirit!!! Thanks for posting the commentary and pictures. I feel like I was there with you!!

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