It’s Outrageous!

I have been bending over backwards trying to keep an open mind.  I am trying to remain optimistic that Obama can change the perception of government.  But now I am just annoyed at how majorly they are fouling up the start (and I didn’t even vote for them!).

So when did it become socially acceptable to become a political appointee and not pay your taxes?  I just can’t believe how many people are getting a pass. I can actually understand messing up on your taxes!  The tax code is extremely hard to understand.  That is why you pay people to do your taxes.  I can better understand someone living on the margins and not paying taxes (I don’t condone it, but I can see it).  But what I don’t understand is people making serious cash, supporting the need to raise taxes and expand government services, and then not paying taxes!  

I am not sure what situation is worse:

1.       Tom Geithner – a well respected economist who has spent a lot of time managing Wall Street and who by all means SHOULD understand tax law.  He is hailed as the man who can bring us out of this slump.  Due to some sort of oversight he does not pay $34,000 in taxes while working for the IMF.   But what really kills me about this is he is the Secretary of the Treasury!  The guy who doesn’t pay his taxes is now in charge of the Government Agency that collects your taxes and manages the government purse. 

2.       Tom Daschle – again well respected Senator with a lot of knowledge on Health issues.  However, because he is a member of the Good ol’ Boys network (The Senate), his friends are going to confirm him to be Secretary of Health & Human Services even though he did not pay $144,000 in taxes.  That is a lot of money to overlook. 

3.       Charles Rangel – This man is currently Chair of the House Ways & Means Committee (the committee which writes tax laws) and he has repeatedly been called out for not paying taxes.  The man has a history of not paying taxes…yet we are putting him in charge of the tax policy on the Hill?

4.       Al Franken – while running for office he had to pay $70,000 in taxes that he “missed”.  Yes, it looks like he won the election

And now, there is another Obama nominee that has had to withdraw, Nancy Killefer, and the rumor is it has to do with taxes.  You know most people when they get caught not paying their taxes go to jail!  Yet, here we are promoting two people to cabinet positions!

You know it used to be that if you were caught not paying your taxes you had to step down and could not be a political appointee.  But with this new error of government, apparently that isn’t the case.  Isn’t it ironic that the party that wants to raise my taxes to expand government programs doesn’t pay taxes? 

It’s outrageous!  And now you expect me to give you a pass on an $800+ BILLION dollar stimulus?  Really? 


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5 Responses to It’s Outrageous!

  1. Carrie says:

    Love getting my dose of passionate political Kerber. 🙂

  2. Carrie says:

    I like the Drudge headline right now: “It’s a Circus: Tax Problems for Yet Another Nominee”

  3. Irma says:

    I LOVE it…it sucks, but I love it! Incompetence meets Dishonesty HA!

  4. Brad says:

    They need to abolish the income tax and get rid of the IRS — that is the real problem!

  5. erstwhile says:

    Where is Ron Paul when you need him.

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