The Winter Chronicles…in March???

What a lovely morning. I woke up to 6” of snow, and I was in the area that got a “light” snow!  Did I mention it was March?  But, the Federal Government did not close today. Under normal circumstances they would have, but I think since the President called DC wimps during the last snowfall, they decided to show they could handle a little snow!


I spent the morning shoveling my walk and my car. I learned my lesson during the last snowfall where I had to deal with Ice for a solid week because I didn’t shovel before the freezing rain started.  Although it looked pretty today, it is still not something I enjoy.  Carson & Tex LOVED the snow (I was dog sitting Carson’s cousin Tex).  Although the Federal Government didn’t close, I did opt to work from home today. 


I made a little Texas Chili to celebrate Texas Independence Day and then tried to stay warm. It is freezing. Hard to believe some people are going on spring break in two weeks!



Tex, getting ready to run and play in the snow.


I love the snow around Carson’s mouth. He LOVES to eat the snow.



Just a cool picture of the backyard.

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3 Responses to The Winter Chronicles…in March???

  1. teamcarty3 says:

    The backyard looked beautiful. I lived in Tulsa (ew) for 4 years and that was my fist exposure to real snow. Not bad enough we had to shovel anything, but I know about the snow and freezing rain. And, it sure is pretty at first, but when it starts to melt- UGH!

  2. erstwhile says:

    your snow-filled yard is beautiful. i know it is probably a nuisance, but it is beautiful to me.
    I would love to see it in person. not live in it, just see it.

  3. shirl says:

    And while you were shoveling snow, we were in beautiful Tuscon–90 degrees.
    But it was a “dry heat”, as they say…


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