Five Favorites For Friday

I always like it when Angie does her Favorite Things posts.   So I think I am going to try to start a weekly 5 Favorites for Friday Post.  It was hard to narrow down my current favorites but here goes:

1.        Goggle SMS – Do you know what this is?  It is a number you can text on your cell phone and ask whatever question you want.  Let us say you are hungry, you know you want a Subway, but you have no idea where one is around you.  Just send a text message to Goggle SMS and ask: Subway Arlington, VA…and you will get the address, phone, etc.  You can do “Weather 22042” = you get the weather; Texas A&M Football Game September XX = you get the score of the game (I use this a lot when I am not by a TV during football season).  Let’s say you are with friends and you are having a massive debate on something stupid…Goggle SMS it.  “What is the population of Brazil?” “What is the Capital of Texas?”  You can ask it for what movies are playing in your area (just type Movie and your zip code).  I often use it to see if my Flight is on time. Just put in your airline and your flight number.  You can even ask it to define a term for you.  What is the number?  Try 46645 (that is the Goggle SMS number) 

2.       Rock Band – I love it!  You get to play the guitar, drums, and sing.  It is so much fun.  I love the drums but it is VERY hard for me to move my hands and a foot at the same time in different rhythms.  But its lots of fun.  My little cousin can’t read but she just hums the tunes or makes up her own words.  She loves it. 

3.       Dark Chocolate Covered Edamame – Mmmmmm, combing my two favorite things…Edamame and chocolate.  Thanks Trader Joes for thinking of this!  

4. – I love this website. They are FANTASTIC at getting the latest political scoop.  I also feel that even though they do have a little bit of a liberal bias, it is not as bad as some of the political websites out there. 

5.       Verizon FiOS – This is the fiber optic solution for Internet, Phone and Cable from Verizon.  It is Fantastic!   I have full cable, lots of HD channels, access to thousands of on demand movies, including the new DVD releases.  It has on demand program from the major networks and every cable channel.  I can record a show in one room and play it in of the other rooms in the house.  I can have a slide show of the pictures from my computer play on any TV screen in my house.  My Internet service never slows because too many people are using it (like would always happen with my Cable service).  In fact, it is noticeably faster than my old service.  I get all my services bundled in one bill and I pay less than I did with Cable. 



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2 Responses to Five Favorites For Friday

  1. Jennifer says:

    I became ADDICTED to during the campaign and have to check in at least once (twice…four) times a day.

  2. Brendan says:

    Google SMS is the bomb. It works very well hand in hand with your gps as well.

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