No Pants Mondays

Question of the Day:  Is it ever acceptable to not wear pants at the office?

My general rule is to always have pants on at the office.  However, I saw the craziest thing at work today.  A colleague of mine took her pants off.   She not only took her pants off, I saw her walk around without them on…FOR SEVERAL HOURS!  I honestly could not stop laughing. I thought perhaps I was on candid camera.

At first I thought I saw her walking down the hall without pants on but I figured that since it would be very strange to walk down a hall without pants on she MUST have been wearing pants that blended with the wall.  She had on a very long shirt that came to her knees, but it was obvious it was a shirt, not a dress.  Plus, she showed up to work with pants on!

I was in a colleague’s office that happens to be right next to her office and we were looking at baby photos.  She decided to join us.  I was completely dumbfounded when I realized that she really DID NOT have any pants on.  I must have given her a strange look because she says, “Yes, I took my pants off because I was hot.”  Granted, the shirt comes down to her knees but tell me that is not Weird!

So I am trying to figure out what the hell is going on.  All I can think of is this:

1.  She had some sort of accident in her pants and can no longer wear them.  In which case the proper thing to do is just go home and call us later.

2.  She is starting to have dementia and doesn’t really know that she isn’t wearing pants (but she does know!)

3.  She really was hot and thought it was acceptable to take off her pants.

She is older so I talked to my brother Rob (the paramedic) about potential medical issues but she didn’t have any other symptoms (slurred speech, acting out of the ordinary, etc).   He said she just must be bad enough to not give a crap about wearing pants at work!

Needless to say she continued to walk around the office, going to the printer, talking to people, etc… 

So either this is strange or I am missing out on No Pants Monday’s.


Update 6:02 p.m.

She put her pants on to leave work and go home.  I find it strange that it is important to wear your pants to get in your car and go home, but not to get your copies from the printer or walk to the break room at work.


Update 9:00 p.m

What is God trying to tell me?  Tonight the TV Show How I Met Your Mother was about how Marshall forgot to put his pants in his workout bag.  He had to go to work without his pants!

I am NOT MAKING THIS UP!  This has really been my day today. 

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11 Responses to No Pants Mondays

  1. Laurie Dodson says:

    We are not haveing No Pants Monday @ Melange.
    But this was worth a good laugh.

  2. nicole says:

    Have you ever had a hotflash? A real one? If she’s peri menopausal, she very well could have just been hot. I was on meds for the endo that put me into menopause for 8 months. I’m lucky I work for someone who would let me go to work in shorts and t-shirts on the days it was really bad. But it is crazy that she just took her pants off! She needs to get some skirts!

  3. jkerber says:

    Okay, so maybe you have a hot flash. I will give you that. Then go to the bathroom, take off your close and hide in a stall for a while. Or go home! But don’t take your pants off and walk to the printer to get your documents!

  4. jkerber says:

    BTW, Did Anyone see the How I Met Your Mother episode tonight? It was about Marshall not having pants at work! What a VERY VERY VERY Strange Day this has been!

  5. nicole says:

    Maybe everone knows something we don’t. But I’m still not going pantless at work!

  6. Angelica says:

    No, she is not premenopausal, she is wayyyy passed that age, Nicole. Jen – Ramon and I have laughed about this since I got home. Another friend asked how we didn’t take any pictures. I explained how we tried and she was too fast for us!

  7. jkerber says:

    I am just glad there are others to confirm what happen is just too unbelievable of a story!!!

  8. Robert Kerber says:

    That was a pantastic story!!! As a matter of fact….

    [audio src="" /]

  9. Mom says:

    Having been there and done that on the hot flashes, I must state unequivocally that I have never taken my pants off at work!

  10. Nicole says:

    It is 85* in Houston today. The A/C is not working here at the office. I still have my pants on!
    I really wish y’all had gotten pictures.

  11. teamcarty3 says:

    Okay, the story alone was funny, but the comments are even better. The “pantastic” story was good, and her being to fast for pictures cracks me up. So, she’s half naked and fast? She obviously has some practice at this…..

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