No Pants…AGAIN!

Again today..same issue.  However, I am not in the office. This is just getting relayed to me remotely.  However, my boss IS in the office.  Perhaps this will save me from the awkward situation with my boss, “Mmm XXX, I don’t know how to tell you this but XXXXX took her pants off at work on Monday.  I am not sure what our official dress code is but….”


Update:  This is an actual email from my Office:

I went into XX’s office and had to whisper because XXX sits right next to her.  XX could barely hear me!!  I said “did you notice XXXX took her pants off?” 

She makes this face (Jen, you know when she makes the faces) and she said “Yes, I did notice something different.”  She said “She normally has on pants, right?”  I said yes, she had them on this morning.  And she starts laughing.

So I said “What do you think?”  She said I think it is very strange and starts laughing again and then I burst out laughing.  I didn’t get to tell her about her about “No Pants Monday” because a member walked in. 


Employee put her pants on to leave the office at 4:30 p.m.  Boss is now aware of No Pants Monday incident as well.  Boss is shocked.  Will let you know what action is taken in the future.

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7 Responses to No Pants…AGAIN!

  1. Nicole says:

    Someone MUST get pictures this time!

  2. kristi says:

    This is too funny! You can’t make this up!

  3. Robert Kerber says:

    Thats a Pantastic Story!!

  4. Robert Kerber says:

    One Word, Three Syllables: Pan-tas-tic, Story that is!!

  5. teamcarty3 says:

    Your brother is killing me with the “pantastic” thing…. I can’t stop giggling at the entire fiasco….

  6. cvcs says:

    it’s just too great. Anytime I am down, I will be able to go back to this and read it. It’s a SEINFELD episode. Picture it: Elaines working in an office…..

  7. Lynn says:

    Is she having personal summers???

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