What a very very strange week!  So apparently on the TV Show 30 Rock on Thursday night one of the main characters came to work with no pants!  It must have been National Take Your Pants Off At Work Week and I didn’t know. 


I hate to disappoint everyone but I don’t think it will happen again.  It was brought to my co-workers attention, by her boss that taking your pants off at work isn’t acceptable.  But I did find it humorous that she said, “I don’t really see what the big deal is, but okay.”


I do believe I will continue to use the word, “Pantastic”…it’s just to good to waste.

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4 Responses to Pantastic

  1. jackson4 says:

    really? She REALLY doesn’t see what the big deal is? Hmmmm……

  2. Heather says:

    Only in Washington!

  3. kristi says:

    I think this just proves that you write for 30 Rock 😉

    I can’t believe she didn’t see the problem in it, is she mental?

  4. erstwhile says:

    i shared this story…the person i told did not believe me. that just shows how bizarre it is…

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