My Brother


How crazy is this photo. Can you imagine this being your every day job?  Riding in a helicopter to pick up only the people in the most dire situations…only the people who are more likely to die then to make it.   I see this photo, it is my brother’s photo from work and I am simply in awe. (This isn’t my brother but it is a great picure with the helicopter taking off in the background.) I can’t imagine it.  How impressive is his job.  How impressive are his skills?  I can pass a bill and make it law, but it is nothing compared to picking up a trauma patient who should mostly likely die without your care and reviving them (or not).  ; How impressive is that/? 


Every time I see these photos I am just so impressed and proud that my brother is able to do this difficult job.  I can do a lot of things, but this isn’t one of them.  Rob, I thank you for your service, may I never need it.


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2 Responses to My Brother

  1. Robert Kerber says:

    That’s Steve Kardos one of our wonderful pilots who is highly decorated former Military complete with Presidental Citations. The Helicopter in the background is picking up a Crew who just dropped off to go do another flight as we were getting ready to spool up (Crank, Start the Engines,etc) for our next Flight. We were slammed tonight and I loved every minute of with exception to the Humidity. As far as me I am just fortunate and blessed to be a part of one of the busiest, most progressive, and largest Metropolitan Flight program in the Nation. Nothing awe inspiring, amazing, or heroic about that…I clock in, clock out…this is my 9-5 and my degree was earned on the streets through blood, sweat, and tears. The best part is that everyday is different and the education and expierence never stops! Love ya much and thanks for the post!! See ya tonight!! -Rob

  2. Nancy says:

    Rob – you do have an awesome job. I just hope that if I never need your services, but if I do, I hope I am in the Houston area! Thanks for what you and your colleages do.

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