Seeing Things…

They always say He works in mysterious ways, but sometimes I think HE just comes right out and tells you what he wants you to know.  I heard of two things this past week that showed me the power of God and those watching us from the other side.

As you know Julie’s signal to Brendan that she is here is “3”.   You would be amazed at all the places “3” pops up.  While at Mass yesterday (Mother’s Day) Brendan was thinking about Julie and looked over at the Drummer in the band.  He had a “3” pendant hanging from his neck. 

Last week one of my cousin Bear’s good friend dropped by his cross on the anniversary of Bear’s accident. He pulled over and got out of his Jeep.  He wanted to say a few words to Bear and drop off some things at his cross.  As he walked to Bear’s cross his headlights blinked on and off a couple of times. He has not been able to make that happen again and he has never had a problem with his headlights.   But if you know Bear, you know he was blinking those headlights.

Have a good week and keep the faith!  Our loved ones are all around.

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