To Be A Kid Again

We had a great long weekend.  My cousin Jack turned 8 on Sunday so he got to invite a friend to go to Hershey Park with him. It is a great amusement park and we all went for the day. It is only a 2 hours drive. It is a fantastic amusement park because it has something like 11 or 12 rollercoaster’s.  It was a “no “no’s” day…i.e. the kids could have anything they wanted.  And they sure took advantage of that. I thought I was going to get sick just watching them eat ice cream, cotton candy, chocolate candy, sugar drinks, chips, etc.  It was truly a kids dream (and I had a lot of fun as a big kid).


At lunch time (hotdogs, French fries, chicken nuggets, soda) one of the kids said, “Man this is the life.”  It made me smile.  Can you remember back to when you had the best day in the world because you spent it at the amusement park…if only I could get back to something that simple making me feel so good.  It was a great day…especially for a kid. 


I have to say, I feel pretty lucky that both the little cousins have no fear in them. They will ride the scariest ride possible if they were allowed.  Unfortunately height restrictions prevented them from riding some of them. A big smile would come across my face whenever I saw some parent trying to convince their kid that the ride wasn’t “that scary.” 


We spent 8 1/2 hours at the park and right as we decided to leave it started pouring rain. We had to ride home soaking wet.  It was the perfect end to a perfect day.


Here are a few pictures:


Birthday Boy after some blue Cotton Candy.  Wish it showed up better in the picture but it was pretty funny looking…he was covered in blue sugar.



Kate with the animal she won while battling Aunt Jen in a water shooting game.



Dude, I can do this rollercoaster with my arms up…let me on the bigger rides…this is for babies.  (And it was a good rollercoaster, not one I would have gone on as a child.)


Dad was relaxing, Kate was tying his shoes together.  A little birdy (Aunt Jen) suggested she tie them together. 


Mom & Kate with her winnings..nearing the end of the day.



Kate was asleep within 10 minutes of getting in the car.


Jack waited until the VERY end of the 2 hour roadtrip to fall asleep.

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One Response to To Be A Kid Again

  1. Mary Kerber says:

    Looked like a great day for both Jack and Kate! Just what a birthday should be!

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