Healthcare Speech

I was outraged tonight to watch President Obama deliver a speech to both Chambers of Congress and hear someone shout “You Lie” during his speech.  I was even more outraged to find out it was an 8 year veteran of the Congress, Representative Joe Wilson (R-SC).  I don’t care whether you like the President or not, or agree with his statements, to simply shout out something like “Lying” is embarrassing.  What happened to respect for the Office of the President?  What happened to respect for the historical building in which you are seated, the U.S. Capitol?


I disagreed with some of his statements, but never would I have thought I was at a football game or a boxing match and shouted out something negative like that.  If I lived in South Carolina I would think twice about re-electing someone like that.  (I think I might feel better if we find out he was drunk!)


As far as Health care reform, I can’t really comment on the bill.  I don’t do health care policy and I have not taken time to read the entire 1000+ page bill.  I do support the notion that everyone who wants health care should have it, we should have affordable health care, there should be a patient’s bill of rights, nobody should go bankrupt because they are sick, and we must bring down the cost of health care.  BUT, I seriously question that my government should provide a public option.  I look at so many things the government does and can’t help but think I, We, You, the Private Sector can do it better.  The government is definitely not something you would call “efficient” or even highly “effective”. 


I am very skeptical that all the money to fund this reform will come from money already being spent.  He said, “I will not sign a bill that adds one dime to the deficit.”  Make me a believer because I don’t see how you can do it when the Congressional Budget Office says it will add at least a trillion to the deficit. 


I was also not happy when he went political.  It was a great speech. I was on board. I was so glad he called out some of the blatant misconceptions about the bill.  But he got off track when he started playing the blame game and referring to the Trillion $ deficit he inherited and the Bush tax cuts for the rich.  How quickly we forget, but may I remind you that the budget deficit was around $750 billion when you took office, Mr. President.  But, enough partisan politics, our elected officials need to work together to fix this mess (if they can.)


I am very thankful I don’t do health care policy…those people are working like dogs and have been for some time.


BTW, if you would like to call Congressman Joe Wilson’s office and let him know what you think about his “Shout Out” during the President’s speech, please call: (202) 225-2452.  That is his office number.

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  1. lisa says:

    my question is – will the public sector do anything? are they doing anything now? i work in health care and i see people denied care every day because they have no insurance. who in the public sector will take care of them? i havent seen anyone stepping up.. have you? i would love to hear some examples

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