Beat The Hell Outta Melanoma – A Great Success

It is hard to believe we just finished the 3rd Annual Beat The Hell Outta Melanoma BBQ & Silent Auction.  It was a huge success thanks to all of Angie’s hard work. She did a great job.  This year’s big raffle item was a Trip for Two to Costa Rica!  I didn’t win it (I wasn’t allowed to buy tickets) but my friends Kenneth & Janene did win.  You should have seen Janene jumping up and down when it was announced.  I think it made her week!

We had a huge crowd and everyone was so generous. I am not sure how much we raised this year.  All proceeds will go to help fight Melanoma and educate (thank you Derek) people.  This year we had 3 Dermatologists offering skin cancer screening and we got a lot of people at the event who heard about it on TV, in the Paper, or in a newsletter.  As soon as we opened people were lining up to have free cancer screenings. It is a great feeling to educate people about Melanoma.  I even talked to one lady who was dumbfounded that Julie died from a skin cancer.  Education is our greatest weapon.   We also had a fair amount of friends from grade school through high school show up.  It is always great to see who comes out to support our foundation.

Unfortunately, during the event someone went into Angie’s car (parked on the pavilion by all of us) and stole her wallet. They then headed immediately to every CVS in town and charged nearly $1000 on the JMKL Foundation Credit Card.  So, we are having a benefit for JMKL and some jerk goes and steals the foundation credit card and steals from a charity.  Who does that?  The good news is the police were pretty upset about it and immediately got video tape of the woman who did it.  Hopefully we can find this girl..but if not, Karma will take care of her.

The kids had a great time. We had one of those big Bounce Castles.  But there was a big fight for the kids over what was the best: Darth Vader and the Storm Troopers, Life Flight landing, Rocket Cheerleaders, or the Two Stepping Dance lessons (big thanks to Lisa for being an AMAZING entertainment chair!).   I can’t wait to see what we do next year. 

There were two things I absolutely loved about Sunday.  1)  When I arrived for set up bright and early I was greeted by a 3 year old running toward me, smiling and saying my name.  Those are the best hugs in the whole world. 2) I got to spend some time with old friends and honor Julie’s memory. 3) In the silent auction I won two original Jackson hand painted pottery sharks.

This is always a hard event, but so worth it.  BTW – I loved our T-Shirts this time.  Let me know if you want one. We sold them for $10 and we sold the bags for $3.00  

Here are some pictures:




Taylor taking a picture with Storm Troopers guarding LifeFlight (she also got a bunch of autographs).


Darth Vader scaring the kids in the Bounce House


Connor was not afraid of Darth Vader


Even the Adults (Rob & Amanda) wanted their pictures taken with the Storm Troopers!


Kevin & Irma


Even I got captured by Darth & the Strom Troopers


Addie & Kendall watching the Line Dancing lessons


Our T-Shirts & Bag this year.  The front says: I Support The Fight Against Melanoma.  The Back: is an Image of Julie wearing her Prize Fighter Robe that Liz Made.  Great shirts!  The Bags are with the logo as well and are great for groceries!

LifeFlight landing

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2 Responses to Beat The Hell Outta Melanoma – A Great Success

  1. Derek Lyons says:

    “All proceeds will go to help fight Melanoma and education people.”

    Jen, please don’t use the money raised to fight the education people, aka teachers. We need good teachers in this world to educate the children.

  2. shirl says:

    Great write-up Jennifer.
    It was an awesome day!

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