BTHO Update

I wanted to provide you with a quick update on the BTHO Melanoma event we held this past weekend for Julie and the theft of the foundation credit card.  Yesterday the local Houston NBC news station (KPRC) interviewed Angie about the theft incident.  It was a great interview (Angie did GREAT).  We were the 2nd story on the nightly news and they showed the video of the female criminal using the credit card.  (I think if the Huntsville School District had not shut down due to H1N1 we might have been the lead story!)  This whole thing has been a reminder that everything happens for a reason.   He has a plan, and it is bigger than we are.

The story got picked up by MSNBC and now the Houston CBS affiliate is planning to do a story.   The coverage we have gotten has really raised awareness about the foundation and we have received wonderful emails (and financial support) from concerned citizens.  

Now, let’s hope someone recognizes that girl!  I know there is a large group of people wanting to show up in that courtroom wearing BTHO Melanoma T-Shirts!

KPRC Video Interview:

MSNBC Story:

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1 Response to BTHO Update

  1. Sharon Longfellow says:

    Jen – The benefit was great!! You guys did an amazing job in the heat!! The robber is a pathetic person!! I hope they are caught soon!!

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